In an unprecedented clash of culinary titans, the battle for street food supremacy has reached a whole new level – through the power of music. Pani Puri and Momos, two beloved street foods of India, have gone head-to-head in a rap battle. If that was not shocking enough, then the news of Pani Puri Bantai and MC Momos setting the internet ablaze will leave you wide-eyed. In a viral video, the two popular street foods end up in a rap battle to claim their supremacy.

Pani Puri Versus Momos Viral Videos

The Viral Video

The video, originally posted on Bajango Music’s Instagram page, has become a viral sensation, garnering a staggering 13.9 million views, 1.4 million likes, and is shared by 1.5 million people. In a world where viral videos often come and go, the Pani Puri versus Momos rap battle is surely one of those that we will remember for a long time. 

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A Rap battle like no other

The rap battle video plays out with cleverly crafted rhymes and witty disses, with each side taking jabs at the other’s strengths and weaknesses. Pani Puri Bantai boasts an “explosion of flavours” that fans of the crispy, hollow balls filled with spicy tamarind water and tangy chutneys know all too well. Meanwhile, MC Momos counters with the unique taste and versatility of the beloved dumplings, which can be steamed, fried, or pan-fried, and filled with a range of delectable fillings.

The Artists behind the art

At the heart of this street food showdown are two talented performers, Archit Rajbhar and Aniket Singh, who portray the characters Pani Puri Bantai and MC Momos. Aniket Singh is also the lyricist behind the peppy rap that has extremely catchy lyrics. The two engage in a lyrical duel that is as flavourful as the street food they represent.

Pani Puri fights momos in a rap battle in viral video


As the two street foods trade lyrical blows, they manage to capture the essence of the age-old debate: Which is the ultimate street food delicacy? The creative and humorous banter adds an element of fun to the competition, and viewers are left divided as they cheer for their favourite street snack.

Pani Puri fights momos


As the video continues to amass views, likes, and shares, it’s clear that Pani Puri and Momos are more than just culinary delights—they are cultural icons that have now taken centre stage in the world of viral content. This unlikely social media sensation proves that you never know where the next viral hit will come from, and it’s a delicious reminder that sometimes, it’s the simplest things that can bring us all together.