The glittering world of content creation has drawn talent from different fields into its ambit. From pilots to chefs, to models and actors, everybody has embraced social media like their own. An ex-actor, Shivangi Sharma is no different. After successfully stealing the show as a model and gracing the television screens with her presence in many shows, Shivangi has moved to full-time content creation. From laying down minimalistic makeup looks to creating latest makeup trends, Shivangi Sharma’s beauty videos are like that of a friend, whom you can always rely on.

Shivangi Sharma: beauty content creator


The life before

Shivangi Sharma embarked on her career as a model before moving to Mumbai to pursue her dream of acting. Her striking looks and charismatic presence quickly caught the eye of casting directors, leading to a series of significant opportunities in the Indian television industry. Shivangi has left an indelible mark on the Indian television landscape with her roles in popular shows. Her ability to portray a wide range of characters with authenticity and emotion has earned her a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

Shivangi Sharma: Tv actor and beauty content creator

Telly Gupshup

Creator extraordinaire

Beyond her acting career, Shivangi Sharma has embraced the digital era, becoming a successful content creator. Her YouTube channel, which boasts over 711K subscribers, is a treasure trove of beauty content. From glamorous party makeup to minimalistic everyday makeup, she provides her audience with valuable insights and tips for looking and feeling their best.

Apart from YouTube, Shivangi also religiously creates content on Instagram and uses the platform to communicate with her audience and share her thoughts. While she mostly sticks to beauty content, she is also vocal about animal rights and gives a glimpse into her fitness journey on Instagram.

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Shivangi Sharma and Arjun Sen have been dating for many years now and they put a ring on their relationship in 2017 when the duo got married in an intimate wedding surrounded by friends and family. Both Shivangi and Arjun have a YouTube channel together in the name ShivArjun where they share sneak peeks of their life with each other. These videos are extremely adorable as the couple challenges each other to try weird food combinations or a particular kind of food. On this page, Shivangi and Arjun have more than 400K Subscribers.

Snacc Cosmetics

Shivangi’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-found Snacc Cosmetics with her husband, Arjun Sen. This cosmetics brand has quickly become a one-stop solution for makeup tools and accessories. Recently, Snacc Cosmetics even earned them a coveted spot in Forbes magazine, a testament to their business acumen and dedication to providing top-notch products.

The Reel that Resonated with Millions

In a recent Instagram reel, Shivangi Sharma opened up about three significant changes in her life. She discussed her transformation from believing in extravagant spending to focusing on savings, prioritising self-care over trying to please everyone, and evolving from wanting to prove her success to her haters to doing it all for herself. This honest conversation struck a chord with many and felt like a breath of fresh air in the materialistic world. 

There are many content creators in the digital world but only a few have the guts to go against the tide. Shivangi Sharma has truly won us over with her recent reel. While a prominent personality like her speaks about savings, building your own opinion over the noise from others and being able to make peace with yourself, it reaches many people and resonates with them.