He’s All That, a reimagined plot of the 1999 classic She’s All That, is set to release on August 27th only on Netflix. We’re here to talk about its official trailer. A romantic-comedy teen drama film featuring Allison Rae and Tanner Buchanan explores an influencer, a loser, themes of betrayal, love, friendship and more. Let us check out what story is in the cooking here, shall we?

The director of Mean Girls features Allison Rae, playing the character of Padgett Sawyer, who is a social media influencer. She, after going through a heart betrayal, bets her friends that she will give a ‘Prom King’ makeover to a loser a.k.a. Tunner Buchanan who plays the character of Cameron. Everything goes well between the two and the makeover leads to Cameron looking like a Greek god until Padgett starts falling for him whereas he learns that this was all for a bet. Watch the trailer right away to see R. Lee Fleming Jr.’s penned story come to life directed by none other than Mark Waters.

Put it up on your watchlist because this seems like one-of-a-kind teen drama that you wouldn’t want to miss. August 27th, we’re waiting for you. And until my pen writes more for you, watch more content curated by Netflix especially for you by tapping HERE.