YouTube, the world’s largest video browsing platform has evolved to become a livelihood for over a million creators. Channel monetization might sound familiar but surprisingly there is more than one way to do so. 


To give creators the opportunities they need to find success, YouTube has evolved from being just a place where people upload and share videos. It’s now a destination where creators can find new audiences, connect with fans in different ways, and build growing businesses.” says YouTube.

We laid the groundwork for this modern-day creator economy over 14 years ago when we launched the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) — a first-of-its kind business model that shares the majority of revenue generated on the platform with creators. In just over the last three years, we’ve paid more than $30 billion to creators, artists, and media companies.” YouTube added further.

Here’s your guide on 10 ways to monetize on YouTube.

1. Shorts Fund

The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100M fund distributed to creators over 2021-2022. To know more check out our “All You Need to Know About YouTube Shorts Fund” article by clicking here.

2. Ads

The core of creators’ revenue streams are Ads. They are still the main way for creators to earn revenue on YouTube. Majority of the creators’ revenue is via Ads.

3. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is YouTube’s own paid subscription service which allows the members to browse ad-free content, background playback, downloads, and premium access to the YouTube Music app. YouTube partners get the majority of the subscription revenue.

4. Channel memberships

Channel memberships allow creators to offer exclusive perks and content to viewers who join their channel on a monthly payment basis. The price for the membership is set by the creator.

5. Super Chat 

Super Chat is “a highlighted message in the chat stream that stands out from the crowd to get even more of their favorite creator’s attention.” It can be purchased by fans who are watching Premieres and livestreams.

6. Super Thanks

Super Thanks allows viewers to give thanks and appreciation on uploaded videos. To know more about Super Thanks in our previously covered YouTube Introduces a New Creator Monetization Tool, ‘Super Thanks’ article. Click Here.

7. Super Stickers

Super Stickers are another way to allow viewers to support creators during livestreams and Premieres by purchasing a fun sticker that stands out. 

8. Merchandise

The merch shelf allows YouTube channels to showcase their official branded merchandise right on their YouTube watch page. “Creators can choose from 30 different retailers globally.

9. Ticketing

According to YouTube: “Music fans can learn about upcoming concert listings and with a simple click, go directly to our ticketing partners’ sites to purchase tickets.”

10. YouTube BrandConnect

Formerly known as FameBit, YouTube BrandConnect ” brings insights, measurement, and industry expertise to the influencer marketing landscape — seamlessly connecting brands, creators, and fans.” Thereby making it easier for creators and brands to create branded content.

YouTube is driven to keep developing new ways for creators to take their businesses to the next level. YouTube believes in “celebrating each new milestone hit, or goal achieved.” As creators progress to become the next generation of media companies, YouTube will “continue to deliver more ways to help them do just that.