Netflix users are collectively expressing disbelief and shock as they finish watching the streaming service’s latest crime docu-series, ‘American Nightmare.’ What makes Netflix’s American Nightmare all the more popular is that it is based on a true incident that grabbed attention in 2015. This three-part series which focuses on a real-life case is often linked to the fictional narrative of Gone Girl.

Nettflix's American Nightmare sends social media users in shock

The Incident

In 2015, Denise Huskin and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn experienced a harrowing incident when an intruder broke into their home in Vallejo, California. The couple was drugged and abducted, with Huskin held for ransom. However, when Quinn sought assistance from the police, he was met with disbelief and suspicion and instead became a suspect in her disappearance.

Netflix's American Nightmare is based on Denise Huskin and Aaron Quinn

Gone Girl Comparisons

The case quickly earned the moniker “the real-life Gone Girl” due to its striking similarities to Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel and its film adaptation. In Gone Girl, the disappearance of Amy Dunne leads to suspicions falling on her husband, creating a similar narrative in Vallejo.

Viewer Reactions

Netflix subscribers are expressing astonishment and calling American Nightmare one of the most intense true-crime series on the platform. Social media is buzzing with reactions, with viewers describing the documentary as “the craziest thing” they’ve ever watched.

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Addressing Law Enforcement Negligence

Viewers have come forward on social media to highlight how the documentary portrays negligence by law enforcement authorities while handling the case. Some argue that it serves as a prime example of why victims, especially women, might hesitate to contact the police because the number of examples of victims reminiscing about lack of care by authorities is not few.

A viewer on Twitter commented, “This entire documentary is a prime example of why women don’t call the police when they’re assaulted. The police are so negligent it’s disgusting.”

As users continue to engage with Netflix’s American Nightmare, the true-crime series emerges as a gripping and emotionally charged exploration of a real-life abduction case that echoes the narrative of Gone Girl. Viewers are left captivated by the twists and turns, making it a must-watch for those fascinated by true-crime stories. This docu-series also finally tells the agony and pain Denise Huskin Aaron Quinn faced because the authorities thought of this entire situation as a ‘hoax.’