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You can now have your own login on Netflix! You have it, right? But there’s more to this news.

Members can make a special public login with game handles that may be used on all Netflix games. Game handles enable players to find, interact with, and play with each other in multiplayer games like Rival Pirates, an adventure game where you set sail, shoot cannonballs, and try to be the last boat left afloat, or within leaderboards in games like Dominoes Café and Lucky Luna.

game handles by Netflix

They’ve shared how to make a game handle.

Setting up a game handle only takes two simple steps on both iOS and Android devices: 

  • Boot up your Netflix mobile app
  • On iOS: Download Rival Pirates or Lucky Luna  for prompts you to select your gamer handle in-game
  • On Android: Select the games to tab in the navigation bar and find the banner that says ‘Create your Netflix game handle’

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This functionality is just the start of creating a customized gaming experience for all of our members. See if you can defeat me in Dominoes Café while we continue to modify and develop our service to better meet the demands of our users. I’m Sophia Yang.” wrote Netflix Newsroom.

game handles by Netflix

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