Digital content and being online has always been a boon. Although, given the work-from-home situation, credits to the virus, digital media is now booming more than ever. The in-person meetings are a strict no-no nowadays and hence, the virtual sessions have been accessible to almost everyone. The meetings that we would have only seen clips of, if missed to attend in-person, are now available to watch with a single tap. All we need to do is go online. And here’s one such moment that benefitted from it: The Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’s 10th birthday. So let’s see what we have in store for us today, shall we? Here’s how Netflix India celebrates 10 years of ZNMD with Kusha Kapila. We might have a surprise at the end so keep reading!

To begin, Kusha Kapila explores relatability by shooting a video of the aftereffects of watching the movie for the 100th time. Here’s how it goes: her husband, Zorawar, and she are shown imitating the dialogues.

Secondly, Farhan Akhtar uploaded a Zoom session hosted by Vir Das on his Instagram page. The virtual celebration had the writers, producer, director, the cast, and the host, as previously mentioned. All of them discuss topics from the making of the film, reiterating dialogues to talking about the journey dwelling deeper into why the cast agreed to do this film and how it has stayed relevant until now. The highlight of this video for me was when Zoya said that she was inspired from the Dead Poets Society which is another one my favourite films. Watch the entire team go on a nostalgic journey while answering questions asked by Vir Das and rejoice in celebration!

Thirdly, before moving on the surprise, here’s another post by Netflix India which has made me want to watch the movie yet again and leave everything aside! The snippets from the video and the caption is almost as good, producing the feel-good vibes as the film, and I cannot wait to show you so here it goes!

And lastly, is the surprise that you all were promised. Tap HERE to watch a bonus video featuring Ankush Bahuguna which will have you surprised and laughing, not at his acting but the end! Watch now to know what I’m talking about. And until my pen writes more for you, do not forget to save tonight to celebrate the birthday, yourself by re-watching the movie! Here’s to ZNMD turning 10-years-old and continuing to stay relevant! And here’s to digital media continuing to soar high with content for everyone who wishes to be online!