College farewell is an emotional occasion since the batch on the same campus celebrates the completion of a successful academic journey – graduation – for the last time. Meeting up with old friends, donning your graduation cap, chowing down on canteen fare, and basically living every moment for the last time. Many of us experience nostalgia or recall recollections of skipping classes, drinking that unique tea, eating that frankie from the cafeteria, and so on. Today, we’re going to discuss one of these videos. So here’s talking about Amit Bhadana’s College Farewell video that is trending on No. 12 on YouTube (at the time if writing).

Think about your college crush! Did your friends help you in meeting each other. Perhaps by introducing you to someone with the line, “Have you met my friend,” for instance? (Reference: How I Met Your Mother) Similarly, here’s one group who follows the tale of a couple in order to find out why the girl broke up with him. With funny scenes, this friendship-themed video is a mixture of everything that happens in college. You’re sure to relive your memories through the video. And, the ending might just startle you. Tap to know how the video ends!

I hope this video was a fun watch for you. I hope to see more videos from Amit. And until my pen writes more for you, tap HERE to watch more content on his channel curated especially for you.