Wildlife photography is a genre of photography concerned with documenting various forms of wildlife in their natural habitat. Similarly, Ankleshwar-based photographer Neel Sarkhedi is setting up a high bar with his exceptional wildlife photography.

The images Neel produces on his feed are to promote wildlife conservation, raise awareness of the environment, and document the beauty of the natural world. His love for nature is undoubtedly reflected in how he portrays his subjects through his unique photography.

He has got some beautifully captured pictures in his camera of different wildlife creatures like Tiger, Indian Eagle Owl, Desert Fox, Striped Hyena, Owl, and various other species.

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Neel in an interview with DNA said: Neel always ensures that the subject is comfortable while they are being clicked. “Treating the voiceless creatures with respect is a skill. At times, while we capture their shots, they get scared thinking that a predator is out for prey. I am glad that in these last two years, I have learned how to deal with wildlife creatures and not harm them while clicking their pictures”, quotes Neel.

The ultimate goal of his work is to capture the natural beauty of wildlife as well as their behavior in their natural environment. This may include both static poses and dynamic action shots to illustrate behaviors and document changes in animal habitats.

Neel Sarkhedi is one of the most respected Natures, Wildlife, and Conservation photographers from India.

An entrepreneur by choice has been passionate about photography since childhood. And decided to leave his cubicle job to follow his passion for wildlife photography.

Through his feed, he displays how rich our country is when it comes to different animals and birds. He explores different places where he witnesses the beauty of nature and how these beautiful animals roam in their habitat freely. 

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As the travel restrictions have been lifted giving him the opportunity to explore more destinations, helping him make his Photography next level fascinating.

And don’t forget to miss out on the content on his website – Neel Saekhedi.