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Natalie Sideserf is a well-known face and has been titled one of the master bakers in the cake industry. She has captured hearts and stomachs worldwide with her fantastic cake delights.

Combining an unreal level of artistry with some truly breathtaking baking skills!!

Natalie Marie Sideserf is an American artist, teacher, and celebrity chef specializing in hyper-realistic cake sculpting techniques. Sideserf has received national and global acclaim for her realistic designs. 

In 2014, Food Network declared Sideserf as one of the most talented young cake artists in USA at the forefront of realistic cake decorating

Her creativity, decoration & presentation of cake ideas has created a boom in the cake industry. She has pushed all the boundaries of artistry and has changed the definition of cake.

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Natalie is a host for the show – Texas Cake House on Food Network. The series highlights Sideserf Cake Studio and the incredibly realistic, sculpted cakes Natalie painstakingly creates for clients using her fine art background.

In this series, Natalie gives an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a successful business. Sideserf Cake Studio is her YouTube Channel where she has bagged many subscribers and does interesting fun challenges!

The cake is considered the heart of celebrations or special occasions as it gears up the joy of any celebration, and there is nothing quite satisfying as a rich creamy, extra moist cake.

She has won the hearts of everyone with her amazing jaw-dropping artwork and has gone wild with her trending videos where she makes cakes that looked like, well, anything but cakes.

Rush to her social media right now to keep the suspense alive and….. HAPPY GUESSING !!