TW: Article contains information about rape and sexual assault. A harrowing incident has emerged from Mumbai as a 21-year-old woman detailed a traumatic encounter alleging she was drugged and raped by a friend whom she met on Instagram. The accused, identified as Heetik Shah, had mutual acquaintances with the victim and connected with her through the social media platform. After delay in any kind of arrest, the victim then took to social media to bring to notice the traumatic experience and to pressurise the police to take required action.

Mumbai woman takes to social media to seek justice for rape


The disturbing incident unfolded after a night of drinking and partying at the popular Mumbai restaurant, Bastian. According to the victim’s account on her Instagram, she became intoxicated and felt anxious and alone at the party but was forced to consume more alcohol. After consuming tequila shots, she experienced a blackout episode, suspecting that she may have been drugged. The woman described waking up to a horrifying situation where she alleges she was being raped by Shah.

The alleged assault took place at one of Shah’s residences, where the victim claims Shah resorted to physical violence as well, including slapping her, despite her attempts to resist. Shockingly, Shah’s friends intervened to protect him, and he allegedly attempted to prevent the victim from seeking help, issuing threats in their presence.

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Delayed Arrest and Anticipatory Bail

Despite the victim promptly filing a First Information Report (FIR) two days after the incident, frustration mounts as 12 days have passed without the accused being arrested. Heetik Shah has apparently also applied for anticipatory bail, and the woman shared a screenshot of an apologetic message from Shah, dismissing it as insincere. The Mumbai Police responded to her post, assuring appropriate action and justice.

Ad Interim Bail Granted, Police Response

In a surprising turn, Heetik Shah, who was on the run, has been granted ad interim bail until February 6. The police claim to have recently seen him in court, days after their search efforts. A top cop explained that the date of hearing for anticipatory bail is February 6, and until then, ad interim bail is in place. If the court rejects anticipatory bail, Shah will be arrested on the spot.

Collective Ordeal

After the victim shared her ordeal on Instagram, recounting the nightmarish experience and the subsequent challenges she faced. Soon many women came forward to share their own or people they know who have had similar experience with Heetik Shah, claiming that the accused is a serial offender who has been even rusticated from him school for allegedly raping a 12-year-old.

Mumbai woman takes to social media to seek justice for rape against Heetik Shah

As a result, the victim yesterday took to her social media account to ask people to come forward and report their case against Heetik Shah. Through a series of messages she has assured others that they too can maintain anonymity like her and get the culprit arrested.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the victim seeks justice for the traumatic incident she endured. The case sheds light on the challenges survivors face in pursuing justice especially against the wealthy and powerful. It also shares a light on the importance of a swift and efficient legal system in addressing such heinous crimes