Love is moments of tenderness, shared dreams, and the promise of forever. In the heart of Rishikesh, amidst the gentle flowing Ganga and serene mountains, fashion and beauty creator Mridul Sharma started on a journey to forever with her beloved, Aditya Naik. Surrounded by the warmth and happiness of friends, family, and fellow creators, their wedding ceremony was a celebration of love, friendship, and togetherness. 

Mridul Sharma marries Aditya Naik

Mridul & Aditya

Mridul and Aditya’s love story is one that is narrated in books and movies. Back in school, the duo recognised their affection for each other and ever since have been a pillar of strength for the other. Cut to 2023, Aditya proposed Mridul in the beautiful town of Naples, Italy, expressing his love and intentions in the most romantic way. 6 months later Mridul and Aditya have exchanged their vows, reminder of the depth of their love and the beauty of their union. 

Not only was the wedding a gala affair but ther outfits the bride and the groom wore, also has our hearts. Each ensemble a statement in itself, Mridul and Aditya looked the power couple they are. Let’s deconstruct the different outfits our gorgeous couple wore for their wedding festivities. 

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The Amalfi Coast Themed Mehendi

For their mehendi, both Mridul and Aditya complimented each other by wearing shades of blue. While Mridul opted for a lehenga and blouse with cape sleeves, Aditya wore a kurta set along with an embellished jacket. Both their outfits were from the fashion house, Kalki fashions. Mridul kept her accessories minimal with a blue sapphire earring and tied her hair in a mermaid braid.

Sun-kissed Sunflower Themed Haldi

Ditching the yellow, Mridul and Aditya picked golden outfits for their Haldi. Here, Mridul opted for a more fusion look with a slit skirt along with a pe-draped saree whereas Aditya wore a mustard kurta set with a golden shimmery sleeveless jacket. Mridul wore a gorgeous chaand Baali with ear chains that elevated her look to another level.

Go with the flow- neon night 

This look is our personal favourite because it’s intricate, classic and absolutely elegant. Both Mridul and Aditya twinned in shades of grey. Aditya wore a sherwani-style embellished ensemble whereas Mridul wore a cut work lehenga that had gorgeous crystal detailing on it. Leaving her hair loose in soft curls, they both looked very good together. 

From SchoolMAtestoSoulMAtes

Last but not the least, is the wedding look which looks straight out of a fairy tale. Wearing the classic combination of ivory and white, Mridul and Aditya look perfect together. Pairing her pearl embellished ivory lehenga with Kundan jewellery, Mridul looked regal and ethereal. Matching the mood and fashion quotient of the bride was the groom looking dapper in a white sherwani along with a pearl layered necklace. Not only their outfits but their energy, their mood and their love matched, serving us the most beautiful wedding ever! 

As it’s a wrap on the wedding festivities, we eagerly await the photos and videos of Mridul and Aditya’s ceremonies. Through every outfit, every smile, and every shared moment, they reminded us that love is not just a word, but a balance of emotions, woven intricately into the fabric of our existence. Here’s to Mridul and Aditya, may their journey be filled with endless love and laughter, always.