On May 16, MrBeast took his rivalry with T-Series to a new level by challenging Bhushan Kumar, the CEO of T-Series, to a boxing match. This unexpected proposal was made through a post on X, where MrBeast shared an image comparing his subscriber count with that of T-Series, accompanied by the caption, “I challenge the CEO of T-Series to a boxing match.” The post quickly went viral, with fans rooting for both.

MrBeast challenges T-series CEO to a boxing match

Narrowing the Subscriber Gap

MrBeast’s challenge comes at a time when his subscriber count is closing in on T-Series. With over 258 million subscribers, MrBeast is rapidly approaching T-Series, which remains the most subscribed YouTube channel with 265 million subscribers. The proposed boxing match has added an exciting twist to their ongoing battle for YouTube supremacy.

Fans’ Excited Reactions

The post received significant attention, garnering 5.1 million views and 4.1K comments. Fans expressed their excitement and support, with one commenting, “Sub War Time Baby,” and another saying, “Oh it’s on.” Other supporters expressed confidence in MrBeast’s victory, with one declaring, “You would win, hands down!!!” and another adding, “If only this would actually happen.

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Bhushan Kumar: The Man Behind T-Series

The challenge is directed at Bhushan Kumar, who has been leading T-Series since 1997 following the death of his father, Gulshan Kumar. Under his leadership, T-Series has grown into a global music and film production powerhouse, producing hit films like Tum Bin, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, and many others.

MrBeast’s Fitness Transformation

MrBeast has been open about his fitness journey, sharing with his followers that he has been “lifting religiously” for the past ten months. He has reduced his body fat from 40% to 20%, which he proudly showcased in a before-and-after picture. His dedication to fitness, combined with training sessions with YouTuber and boxer Logan Paul, has fueled excitement among his fans, who are eager to see him take on Bhushan Kumar in the ring.

A Rivalry with Deep Roots

The rivalry between MrBeast and T-Series dates back to 2019 when MrBeast supported PewDiePie in his battle against T-Series for the title of the most-subscribed YouTube channel. Although PewDiePie eventually lost, MrBeast has continued to grow his channel, emerging as a significant competitor to T-Series.

Adding a Physical Twist to the Digital Rivalry

MrBeast’s public challenge to Bhushan Kumar adds a fascinating new dimension to their ongoing competition. Whether the boxing match happens or not, it has already sparked significant interest and debate among fans. This challenge not only underscores the intensity of their subscriber battle but also brings a physical element to their digital rivalry.