Content creator and entrepreneur Varun Mayya is living his dream as he got to interview the CEO of Google: Mr. Sundar Pichai himself! Google recently concluded its annual I/O developer conference at its headquarters. That’s where Varun landed the opportunity to meet and have a chat with the legend. Their conversation spanned the emergence of AI, India’s significant role in the tech market, and the popularity of FAANG jobs among Indians.

In the conversation, Sundar Pichai opened up about AI in the Indian market and the advice he has for the country’s engineers amid the rise of this new technology. Varun Mayya shared snippets of the interview on his Instagram followed by the 10-minute chat on his YouTube.

Wow, what an honor! 🙌 I got to sit down with Sundar Pichai at Google I/O for an exclusive podcast! 🎉 We dive into the incredible advancements in AI and how India is poised to ride this exciting wave of innovation. Plus some more interesting insights!” he wrote. Mayya jokingly referred to the Google conference as the “AI Coachella”.

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FAANG Interviews & 3 Idiots

During his interview, Mayya tells Pichai about the increasing craze for FAANG jobs in India. “I don’t know if you know this, but there is an entire industry in India built to help young Indians crack the FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) interviews,” says Varun.

He feels that despite being “smart”, many students are not focusing more on the fundamentals. The content creator then asks Pichai how he would advise budding software engineers to get out of the “competitive exam” mindset and prepare themselves for the future. The Google CEO responded, “I think real success comes from understanding things in a deeper way.

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The “3 Idiots” Reference

Sundar Pichai tied his answer back to “3 Idiots” — a Rajkumar Hirani film that challenges traditional notions of success and education. “I was almost tempted to go back to the movie 3 Idiots or something like that. And like, there’s a scene in there when they ask Aamir Khan the definition of motor. And there’s a version that describes what a motor is. And there’s a version where you actually understand what a motor is,” he said. 

He further explains that it’s all about the difference between knowing something and understanding it. “You have to understand the technology in a deeper way. If you do, you can transition, you can do things,” says the CEO who always encourages people to do this.

Netizens React

Further in the interview, they also speak about India’s position in AI, wrapper startups, creative adoption of AI, and how Google handled racial inaccuracies in historical characters. The comments section of Varun Mayya’s interview video on YouTube is filled with netizens applauding him for bringing them this insightful conversation.

Varun, this is a fanboy moment for us as well. I see myself in you talking to Sundar Pichai, from Google,” wrote a YouTube user. “Many people think you get early success but don’t know seven years of hard work. I’m thrilled and proud to see you in Google IO,” said another.

This was much awaited! Varun and Sundar Pichai on talk uttering pure gold! And also, congratulations, Varun! It’s clearly a big moment for you as well as us,” wrote a third. “Thanks for asking such great questions that too in such a short time! I really enjoyed it,” commented another.

Have you watched the full interview yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Go check it out now and tell us your views on it in the comments below!