You all must have heard about “Beast Games” already. Earlier this year, MrBeast a.k.a Jimmy Donaldson dropped the big news. He has teamed up with Amazon Prime to bring his large-scale competitions to OTT. The YouTuber’s highly anticipated series, titled “Beast Games” is his biggest game show yet, where the winner can take home a whopping $5 million (Rs. 41 Crores approx).

Drawing inspiration from his immensely popular YouTube content, the series will feature 5,000 contestants battling it out for the staggering cash prize, setting a new standard for television payouts. The game show promises to redefine the landscape of reality competition shows. “Im giving away $5,000,000 in the largest game show ever in history. If you want to compete in Beast Games (I need 5,000 people lol) apply here,” the influencer shared on X.

He first posted on the social media platform about the game show in March this year. The number of contestants went from 1,000 to 5,000 now.

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What You Need To Know

Remove your notepad and get noting guys. The team has highlighted some important points for those who want to play:

  • To participate in Beast Games, you need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Anyone interested to join the challenge must be ready and be prepared to travel internationally for the competition.
  • Must have a valid passport till April 2025.
  • If someone gets chosen, they will be required to take time off from work.
  • The games might start from late June, until September. (These dates are subject to change, so keep yourself available.)
  • Only US citizens can participate in this contest.

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Impress MrBeast in a video:

You have the option to submit a 1-minute video along with your application. You must introduce yourself by mentioning your name, age, where you’re from, and your current occupation. In the video, you need to mention what you would do if you won millions of dollars. Also, it would be best if you shared why you want to compete in the Beast Games.

The goal of the video is to impress MrBeast, so it is important to present yourself well. However, MrBeast has advised people to keep their personal information out of the video. “No addresses or social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, or financial information please,” the instructions say.

Selected contestants will receive additional documents and waivers to sign, which could be beneficial for future reference. According to the application website, “BEAST GAMES is going to be the biggest game show in the history of television with the most contestants, the biggest prize and the most insane, unhinged, surprising twists ever filmed.

However, those who are “currently employed by or closely connected to anyone who is involved with the creation, production, administration or judging of BEAST GAMES,” including the MrBeast YouTube channel, are not eligible to join.

MrBeast On Beast Games

MrBeast recently appeared on Colin and Samir’s podcast. Talking about the ‘Beast Games,’ he said, “Amazon will give us all creative control and they’ll let me do whatever I want. There’s a reason we went with Amazon, they’re awesome and I’m gonna try to make it the most viewed streaming show in history. It’s going to be the largest game show in history with the most contestants any game show has ever had, with the largest cash prize in history, in my opinion the biggest sets in history. It’s like our normal videos but just 20 times better.”

In 2023, MrBeast hosted a game show with a $456,000 prize, inspired by the popular South Korean series Squid Game. In this real-life game version of the series, 456 participants competed in various tasks to win the huge cash prize.

The series “Beast Games” will stream exclusively on Prime Video, offering global viewers access to MrBeast’s unique brand of entertainment and further solidifying his presence in the streaming market. We can’t wait to watch the fun games and challenges that the participants will have to manoeuvre through to get their hands on that $5M prize money!