The year-long (almost) YouTube Supremacy War finally comes to an end. MrBeast broke the Internet on June 2, 2024, as he finally became the YouTuber with the highest number of subscribers. Over the years, many channels have become incredibly popular, entertaining millions of viewers worldwide. One of the most intense battles for dominance that had caught the internet’s attention was the one between this widely loved content creator and one of India’s biggest music labels, T-Series.

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The competition for YouTube supremacy often comes down to the number of subscribers. Both MrBeast and T-Series have gained a massive number of subscribers over the last few years, captivating audiences with their unique styles and engaging content. The rivalry reached its peak when the two channels were almost tied in subscriber count, creating immense excitement and anticipation among their fans.

But after trying for months MrBeast was not able to beat T-Series until yesterday. It finally happened. MrBeast’s YouTube crossed 266,707,995 subscribers surpassing the music label’s by over 1,600 subscribers as of June 2. At the start of 2023, MrBeast had declared his intention to support the Swedish YouTuber, PewDiePie who was in a similar situation earlier. And he has now achieved this goal.

Stats Don’t Lie

He took to social media to announce the news and shared a screenshot comparing his subscriber count with that of T-Series. “After 6 years we have finally avenged Pewdiepie,” wrote MrBeast as he announced his milestone achievement. Elon Musk lauded MrBeast as he replied to his post on X saying, “Wow, congrats!”

The elated YouTuber also mentioned that yesterday was the most subscribers his channel has ever gotten in a day. He shared the stats via ViewStats, an analytics platform co-founded by him. Similar to tools like Social Blade, ViewStats uses the YouTube API to unveil detailed stats about channels that both creators and their fans can see.

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The Rivalry

On May 16, 2024, MrBeast took his rivalry with T-Series to a new level by challenging Bhushan Kumar, the CEO of T-Series, to a boxing match. This unexpected proposal was made through a post on X, where MrBeast shared an image comparing his subscriber count with that of T-Series. At the time, the subscriber gap was around 6 million. The post immediately went viral, with fans rooting for both.

PewDiePie Vs. T-Series

Swedish YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, popularly known as PewDiePie, was the highest-earning YouTuber in the world. Known for his video game commentaries, he had surpassed T-Series to become the most subscribed YouTube channel. However, in 2017, Disney decided to cut ties with him, following which the YouTuber removed his videos that contained Nazi references.

During the PewDiePie vs T-Series rivalry, MrBeast bought billboards and several television and radio advertisements to help PewDiePie gain more subscribers. Although PewDiePie eventually lost, MrBeast continued growing his channel, emerging as a significant competitor to T-Series and ultimately beating it.

What Makes “MrBeast” The Best?

Jimmy Donaldson didn’t become one of the highest-earning creators of all time by accident. He is meticulous about every last detail of his videos. MrBeast became the most-subscribed creator on YouTube by taking an analytical approach to his big-budget videos. It’s worth taking notes of the man’s detail-oriented personality and his ability to maximize every second of his viewer’s attention.

Famous for doing crazy challenges and massive stunts in his videos, Jimmy started when he was just 13 in 2012. He hit virality in 2017 when his video “Counting to 100,000” became a huge hit and garnered lots of views. There was no looking back then and the rest is history.


The reigning YouTuber channel for years, T-Series kicked off as a music label and movie maker in India. The channel was all about making catchy songs and entertaining films. Later, T-Series embraced the online world and started uploading videos on YouTube. People from all around the globe found their content appealing, leading to an explosion in their subscriber count.

Well, this rivalry definitely captured the netizens’ interests. Will MrBeast reign as the supreme YouTuber now or will T-Series bounce back into the competition? Let’s wait and watch. Until then, we just enjoy all the content that comes out of this!