Meta has updates for all its platforms- Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. After they launched the 3D Avatars on Facebook, and Instagram earlier this month, they have come up with a Meta Avatar store too now.

According to the official Meta Blog, Earlier this year, we expanded our 3D Meta Avatars beyond VR, rolling them out to Facebook and Messenger—plus Instagram Stories and DMs. And today, we’re introducing the Meta Avatars Store, which will let you customize your avatar even further and be uniquely you.

We know that many of you want to more fully represent yourselves and your interests by decking out your avatars with clothing from some of the world’s leading brands. When the Meta Avatars Store starts rolling out this week, we’ll offer digital outfits from BalenciagaPrada, and Thom Browne, three of the world’s most iconic fashion brands. You’ll be able to purchase these outfits along with our existing free outfit options. “, the blog mentioned.

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In a conversation on Instagram Live, Mark Zuckerberg joined Eva Chen, VP of Fashion Partnerships to discuss our vision for avatars and the metaverse, as well as the opportunity this will unlock for brands and businesses. 

Be Uniquely You

Your avatar is a digital expression of your personality (or personalities). It can convey how much of an extrovert or introvert you are, your sense of humor, and even your fashion sense. It lets you be your authentic self, and that in turn can help you connect more meaningfully with your friends, family, coworkers, or anyone else you meet on the road to the metaverse. 

Meta wants to enable everyone to present the best version of themselves, which is why they have made it possible to customize your avatar with a wide variety of free outfits and accessories. You can choose your hairstyle, makeup, and outfits accordingly. You can customize your avatar anytime you want to suit your mood. In fact, with more than a quintillion combinations of free avatar options already available, your choices will almost certainly be uniquely yours.

They also wrote about making it possible for people to bring in the feature to change the avatars later on. “One way we’ll make that evolution easier is by continually offering new options that reflect the latest sartorial trends and expanding to offer more outfits from fashion, sports, and lifestyle brands over time.”

Our new Meta Avatars Store will roll out in the coming weeks on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. Learn how to create your avatar for Instagram and for Facebook and Messenger. And we expect to bring it to VR soon. So keep an eye out for it when it becomes available for you.