Messenger, Meta’s instant messaging service has teamed up with Netflix’s one of the most popular shows “Stranger Things” to get things ready for Stranger Things Day. Here are all the details.

Source: Messenger

November 6th, marks the annual Stranger Things Day, a fan holiday commemorating the day that Will Byers disappeared into the Upside Down in episode 1, Season 1 of Stranger Things. Messenger has teamed up with Netflix to create a custom Stranger Things artwork. 

This includes “all new soundmojis and custom stickers for your camera and chat threads (also available on Instagram), a chat theme, and brand new Group Effects to enjoy with friends and family on video calls, including a 360- degree background and an interactive AR effect.”

“Messenger’s Stranger Things artwork creates an immersive, dynamic world for you to explore while connecting with your friends. Fans will recognize specific scenes and iconic imagery from the show…along with plenty of surprises! Is that the Demogorgon in the background behind you? Maybe. Does your fellow ‘dingus’ now eerily resemble Eleven? Perhaps.” says, Messenger in their newsroom.

Source: Messenger


(Source: Messenger) 

  • To access the ‘Upside Down’ 360 background and ‘Eleven’ Group Effect, head to your Messenger app, start a video call, tap the smiley face to open the effects tray and select the Group Effects tab. 
  • For chat themes, open a Messenger chat and tap on the top bar to open the thread settings, then select “theme,” where you’ll find the new Stranger Things chat theme. To use this chat theme on Instagram, open a chat thread and tap on the information button at the top right corner of your screen. Under the thread settings, click the “Theme” button and you’ll be able to select the new Stranger Things chat theme.
  • You can download the sticker pack (illustrated by Kyle Lambert) by clicking here or on the smiley face in the text box of any Messenger conversation and searching “Stranger Things”. To access camera stickers, simply open the camera in the Messenger app, take photos or videos, and tap each of the featured stickers at the bottom of your screen to use. 
  • To check out the Stranger Things Soundmojis, head to your Messenger app, start a chat, tap the smiley face to open the expressions menu and select the loudspeaker icon. From there, you can preview and send your favorite Soundmojis again and again.