Mentos, the brand known for its quirky advertising, has recently launched a new campaign featuring internet sensation Orry. The collaboration aims to leverage Orry’s popularity to bring a fresh perspective to their classic “Yeh hai Aam Zindagi” theme.

A Brief Overview of the Ad

The 30-second Instagram ad showcases Orry’s frustration with his newfound fame, depicting him struggling with a series of interviews and podcasts. The twist comes when Orry discovers Mentos on the interviewee’s desk, leading to a burst of freshness and enthusiasm. The ad then takes a humorous turn as Orry poses for magazine covers in his signature style, with the tagline “Mentos Kha Liya, Bani Mast Zindagi” playing in the background.

Orry partners with Mentos for Aam Zindagi campaign

The Conceptualization by Schbang

The campaign has been executed and conceptualized by the creative agency Schbang. Known for its collaborations with young internet personalities, Schbang attempts to infuse humour and relatability into the Mentos brand. However, the execution of this particular ad raises some questions.

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While Mentos has a history of successful and entertaining ad campaigns, this collaboration with Orry seems to miss the mark. Unlike previous collaborations with Bollywood actor Palak Tiwari and singer Jasleen Royal, the ad featuring Orry appears forced, without actually using his stardom in a more refined way.

The Ad’s Narrative

The narrative follows a predictable pattern – a celebrity expressing dissatisfaction with their routine life, consuming a Mentos, and instantly experiencing a positive transformation. However, in Orry’s case, the transition feels less organic and more like a contrived attempt to cash in on his internet fame. On the other hand, the collaboration with CRED where Orry was seen in a Zen mode was a more refreshing idea.

Orry’s Stardom as a Commodity

While Orry’s popularity on the internet is undeniable, the ad gives the impression that his stardom is being used as a mere commodity. The attempt to align Orry with the Mentos brand feels more like a marketing strategy than a seamless integration of a relatable character. After his Koffee With Karan debut, the internet has agreed that this man is much more that what he appears and thereby using his stardom in an intellectual manner would have been more interesting.

A Missed Opportunity

Mentos, known for its quirky and tongue-in-cheek style, has previously created memorable ad campaigns that resonated with diverse audiences. The collaboration with Orry, however, misses the opportunity to create an ad that seamlessly blends humour, relatability, and the core message of a refreshing experience.

In the world of advertising, not every collaboration hits the mark, and Mentos’ attempt with Orry appears to be one such miss. While the brand has successfully integrated popular figures in the past, the latest campaign seems forced and lacking the charm that made Yeh hai Mentos Zindagi a memorable tagline. As consumers, we appreciate authenticity, and this ad leaves us questioning the genuine connection between Orry and the Mentos brand.