Fans of South Korean actors Park Hae-soo and Kim Tae-hee, it’s the time to rejoice and celebrate! Your favourite actors are eagerly anticipating the upcoming milestone in their acting journeys. Both actors are reportedly preparing for their Hollywood debut. They are set to appear in an upcoming American series called “Butterfly“, which will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Butterfly series Amazon Prime Video Park Hae-soo Kim Tae-hee

The Plot

Set in the vibrant backdrop of Korea, “Butterfly” tells the story of David Jung. The series introduces the audience to a complex and unpredictable ex-U.S. intelligence operative. Residing in South Korea, David’s life spirals into chaos as he grapples with the repercussions of a past decision.

This choice, once thought impossible, comes back with haunting consequences. The plot thickens as David finds himself the target of Rebecca, a deadly, sociopathic young agent assigned to kill him. Her character adds a layer of intense suspense and danger to the narrative.

Approved for production in May last year, the spy thriller is said to comprise six episodes. “Butterfly” is actually based on a graphic novel of the same name by BOOM! Studios. The original novel is a masterpiece written by Arash Amel and Marguerite Bennett, and illustrated by Antonio Fuso and Stefano Simeone. What makes this series more exciting is the fact that it will feature dialogues in both Korean and English.

The Cast

In addition to goddess actress Kim and Squid Game‘s Park Hae, the series will be headlined by Daniel Dae-kim who will take on the role of David Jung. Daniel has appeared in popular TV shows like The Good Doctor, Roar, and Avatar: The Last Airbender, as well as movies like Hellboy, Momentum, and Crash. “Butterfly” will also be spearheaded by actress Reina Hardesty who plays Rebecca. Child actress Nayoon Kim is set to be part of the series’ cast as well.

Butterfly series Amazon Prime Video cast Park Hae-soo Kim Tae-hee Daniel Dae-Kim Reina Hardesty Nayoon Kim
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The “Squid Game” Star

Park Hae-soo is recognised globally for his exceptional portrayal of Sang Woo in the immensely popular Netflix show, “Squid Game“. His stellar performance earned him an Emmy nomination for ‘Best Supporting actor in a Drama‘. His work in the South Korean entertainment industry is immensely lauded as well for performances in Prison Playbook, Chimera, Money Heist: Korea, and Ruthless Operation.

The exciting news is that Park Hae-soo is set to appear as a recurring guest star in the upcoming series titled “Butterfly”. After receiving praise for his performance in the critically acclaimed Narco-Saints, the actor intends to make a significant impact on the series by delivering his lines in English.

Park Hae-soo squid game Netflix new series Butterfly

The Goddess Actress

Starting out as a model Kim Tae-hee, transitioned into a well-known actress after proving her mettle in the South Korean TV series Stairway to Heaven. She continued to appear in various shows such as Hi Bye Mama, Revenant, Forbidden Love, and Love Story in Harvard, as well as in films like Iris and Lies Hidden In My Garden. Kim Tae-hee is all set for her Hollywood debut now with “Butterfly“.

Kim Tae-hee Iris new series Butterfly

Child Actress Prodigy

At just six years old, Nayoon Kim has appeared in South Korean dramas like “My Home,” “Secret Woman,” and “It’s Showtime” in addition to numerous commercial and modelling appearances. We really look forward to seeing her in “Butterfly“.

Know The Showrunners

Ken Woodruff and novelist Steph Cha are the co-creators and executive producers on the show, with Woodruff also serving as showrunner. Daniel Dae Kim will executive produce along with John Cheng under their 3AD banner, which is currently under a first-look TV deal at Amazon Studios.

Stephen Christy and Ross Richie of BOOM! Studios will also act as executive producers along with Amel via The Amel Company. Adam Yoelin serves as co-executive producer for BOOM! Studios. Kitao Sakuri will direct the first two episodes of the series.

Butterfly series Amazon Prime Video graphic novel BOOM! Studios cast Park Hae-soo Kim Tae-hee Daniel Dae-Kim

“Butterfly” arrives on the heels of successful ventures featuring Korean actors in global streaming platforms. The series is anticipated to follow in the footsteps of shows like the Netflix original “Beef”, which achieved both critical and commercial success. The industry and audiences are keen to see if “Butterfly” will soar to similar heights of acclaim.

How excited are you to witness Park Hae Soo and Kim Tae Hee’s Hollywood debut by joining this global production series? The makers of the show are yet to roll out more details about the series like the release date, first looks, teaser and trailer. Let’s wait and watch.