• Instagram is currently experimenting with turning ‘finstas‘ or fake Instagram accounts into an official feature called Flipside.
  • Flipside will enable users to create personalised profiles for sharing content with a limited group of followers, associated with a user’s primary account.
  • Instagram is only testing Flipside as of now, there is no guarantee that the feature will be officially launched.

A ‘Finsta‘ or ‘fake insta‘ was a phenomenon that had taken over the Internet in 2021. The term ‘finsta‘ gained prominence that year when Senator Richard Blumenthal grilled a Meta executive during a congressional hearing on whether the company would commit to ending finstas.

Meta believes in constantly evolving and upgrading its features to ensure their users have an enjoyable experience on their myriad applications. Meta-owned Instagram is now testing a new feature called Flipside, which could allow the company to integrate ‘finstas’ into their main account while giving users a more private way to share information with close friends and family.

Instagram new feature flipside close friends finsta fake instagram account

Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ feature that lets you limit your posts, Reels, Stories, and Notes to just select friends was expanded to more users in November last year. Now, the Meta-owned photo and video-sharing platform is bringing a new feature called “Flipside” to make the app feel more private.

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What Is A ‘Finsta’?

Meta is possibly developing the new feature ‘Flipside’ in response to the creation of ‘finstas’, or fake Instagram accounts often created by individuals and celebrities to interact with their close friends. These accounts are made to look very real sometimes, with an alternate name, bio and image. Most users generally create such accounts to stalk someone on the platform so that they can see and like posts and stories of a user without them knowing. Many also do it to avoid parental oversight.

What is Flipside? 

An Instagram spokesperson mentioned that users want additional sharing options in private settings –– this is besides the option to create secondary accounts or the feature to create a ‘Close Friends list’ on Instagram. With Flipside, Instagram will give users the option to create personalised profiles with a custom name, bio, and photo, allowing them to share exclusive content with a more limited group of followers.

The feature would allow users to create a secondary photo grid that only designated friends will be able to see. Conceptually, Flipside will show as an alternative account associated with your existing profile. You will be able to access it by swiping down on your profile to be seamlessly “flipped” to the more discreet or private side of their profile.

This way Instagram will also be able to verify the user, account, their age, and the user will be able to maintain their privacy. The community guidelines from Instagram would apply to the new space as well. Followers can access the Flipside account of a user by tapping on a button or swiping down on their main profile.

The news of Flipside first came to light when reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi spotted the feature in development in December while sharing screenshots. Recently, social media consultant Matt Navara spotted the new feature on Instagram and shared a video showing how it works. The video reveals that Flipside will act as an alternative profile for users, allowing them to share reels or posts that will only be visible to the people they choose.

From The Key Stakeholders

In response to a question about bringing Flipside to Threads, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri wrote, “We’re not even sure we’ll launch it on Instagram. On one hand it feels good to create a clear space that feels more private. On the other, it’s yet another way to reach a smaller audience on top of secondary accounts and Close Friends. We’ll see how people respond in the test, and iterate forward.” 

A Meta Executive also confirmed that the company is currently testing this feature. “We’re always working on new ways to help people connect with friends on Instagram,” said a spokesperson. “We heard people want more options for sharing in private spaces, so are excited to start testing a new feature where you can create a custom profile, including a custom name, bio and photo and share exclusive content with a smaller group of followers.”