Let’s be honest, doom scrolling through the ‘gram can sometimes leave you feeling dull and let’s just say very Meh! While we turn to ‘social media’ for some downtime, we are often left feeling lonely, anxious and stressed. However, there are a few Instagram accounts that manage to make us smile even on a bad day. And one such creator that never fails to make our day is The Yeet Baby. With 1.4 million Instagram followers and more than 5 million TikTok followers, it is safe to assume that many are already in love with the wholesome content that Uncle Chris, Marleigh and Baby Jack create. From teaching his niece and nephew to pour the juice in a glass to creating dance reels, it’s the simple tasks on camera that really make you a fan of this trio.  

Chris Rooney and the two munchkins have become viral sensations as he teaches them to properly pour a drink into a cup, cook, dance, and sing. Millions of viewers watch their fun reels and mess unfold as the two kids are known to overestimate how much the cup can really hold.

In one of their very first drink-pouring videos, Uncle Chris hands a half-full bottle of OJ to Marleigh so she can pour it into a small Martini glass. When Marleigh pours the entire bottle of juice all over the counter accidentally and Chris says, “ For some reason, I didn’t think you’d pour the whole thing. That’s kind of on me.” But despite the spill, Marleigh ensures her Uncle Chris and the viewers are left smiling when she sips some of the overflowing orange juice out of the cup and then proceeds to let out an adorable “ahhhh.”

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That one video in November 2020 with O.G. Yeet baby, Marleigh, made Uncle Chris realize that the internet is in love with watching them perform these simple tasks. While Marleigh has grown up and aced pouring a drink perfectly, Chris has a new mission: to teach the second Yeet baby, Jack, to now pour a drink.  

Baby Jack is cute, naughty and all things sassy. In one of the videos, Jack perfectly pours a glass of Apple Juice and then when his Uncle appreciates him in complete surprise, he immediately turns the glass upside down on the table to lick the drink off the table. He then bursts into giggles after seeing his Uncle’s face.

The reason their Instagram handle is called Yeet Baby is that ‘Yeet’ was Marleigh’s first spoken word and her Uncle wanted to make this special. Well, when you have more than 1M followers on Instagram knowing you by your first spoken word, you are helluva special. 

While the trio continue to make our days brighter with absolutely adorable and aww-worthy moments, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us once Baby Jack learns to pour his drinks right. We guess we’ll just have to wait and watch. 

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