Mannat Sandhu is a Delhi-based fashion blogger. Her styling tips are worthy to make notes for. Her Instagram account is exploding with each passing day, thanks to her skills and an army of fans. She also won Cosmopolitan India’s ‘Cosmo India Emerging Fashion Influencer of the Year under 100k Followers 2020’ award. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at five of Mannat Sandhu’s fashion style reels.

1. Fall-Edition Outfits

Mannat understands how to slay any clothing, whether it’s a schoolgirl dress, a work costume, or a casual dress, with a killer transition. This video is designed in such a way that it can be related to by anyone, from teenagers to adults, and can be used for anything from relaxation to work or school. This is just the beginning, so I’m hoping the foundation is solid.

2. Breathtaking Outfits in Black

With the way she slays those ensembles, these venomous ensembles blend in perfectly with the Venom soundtrack. Her sexy looks can be worn for a variety of occasions, including sporty, casual, night out, and more. Which one is your personal favourite?

3. Sizzling Summer Outfits

With these sizzling attires, she amps up the heat of summer. I like how she has all of the essential summer clothing, such as a crop top, skirt, flared pants, and more. Which of her alternatives do you like out of the several she offers?

4. Fitness with Style: Exer-Style

The peak of innovative and creative presentation has been reached by our queen, Mannat. Who thought you could use transition while skipping? What an eye-catching and a mesmerising video! This has to be my most favourite of them all.

5. What’s Your Ideal Date?

Finally, Mannat has an outfit for every type of date we can think of, including bowling, dining, picnics, and more. She slays like a champ and understands how to be the focus of attention. I’m undecided between this and the last one as my favourite. I’d want to hear your thoughts on it.

I’m sure you’re as taken aback by Mannat’s fashion sense as I am. The transition queen has piqued our interest in putting together looks on our own. If you try to recreate any of her styling videos, be sure to credit her. Finally, till my pen writes more for you, don’t forget to check out more on her page.