Karan Singh is a magician who does videos on mentalism and publishes it on his channel. From hypnotising to guessing one’s passcodes, he can do it all. “He has been titled ‘Modern Day Wizard’ by The New York Times and ‘the mentalist who figured out Shah Rukh Khan’s ATM Pin’ by GQ India.” (Source: Wikipedia) He uploaded a video with Yashraj Mukhate where he hypnotises him through a video call. So let’s see how the magic shocked Yashraj, himself and others, shall we? Here’s Karan Singh’s online hypnotism YouTube video ft. Yashraj Mukhate.

When Karan hypnotised Yashraj, the person who typically surprises his audience with his tracks was taken aback. He claimed that he was consciously attempting to make the hypnosis fail, but that he failed miserably. Karan then performs a card trick, the outcome of which astounds both Yashraj and us. This ploy drew a lot of attention, and Karan expressed his want to be able to answer the question by telling Yashraj. Take a look at this video and prepare to be astonished and stunned! And, if you want to be hypnotised, too, Karan does the same through this video. So are you ready to be hypnotised, yourself?

I hope you liked this video and were intrigued to explore more. If you’d like to, tap HERE to watch more videos by Karan Singh curated, especially for you. I did the same and trust me there was no end to the binge-watching. I’m sure you’ll be on the same path. And until my pen writes more for you, here’s an article on another mentalist named Suhani Shah that you can read right away by tapping HERE! Happy reading, y’all!