If there was one Indian show that has had fans waiting with bated breath for an announcement of its sequel, Made In Heaven would definitely take the prize. But the wait has finally ended as the creators of the popular series and the actors have announced the date of Made In Heaven Season 2 – 10th August, 2023.

While the show created a lot of noise for its beautiful aesthetic, storyline and acting, there is one actress who managed to steal our hearts and the hearts of millions worldwide – Sobhita Dhulipala. Her hard work and dedication along with her capabilities have refined her craft so we decided to list down a few of the many reasons why we are in absolute awe of this beauty.

Made In Heaven Season 1

Arjun Mathur Sobhita Dhulipala Amazon Prime Video Made In Heaven Season 1

From her phenomenal acting skills to her style, Tara played by Sobhita Dhulipala makes your fall in love with her at the very first sight. Karan and Tara are two Delhi-based wedding planners who manage the ‘Made In Heaven’ brand while balancing their personal lives. The show garnered loads of love and accolades globally making this Zoya Akhtar web series, a huge success. We can’t wait to see what Season 2 has in store for us.

Six Yards of Sheer Elegance

Sobhita Dhulipala Sabyasachi Store Sabyasachi Saree

Sobhita was recently spotted in a deep red Sabyasachi Saree for the grand opening of the Sabyasachi Flagship store in Mumbai and no words can suffice for her beauty. She paired this exquisite saree with a gorgeous halter neck blouse and minimal jewellery. 

Sobhita’s fans could not stop themselves from comparing her to Tara Khanna in this red saree. Tara Khanna is the same character from Made In Heaven played by Sobhita which earned her immense fame.

Not just now, Sobhita Dhulipala loves wearing sarees and this is very evident from her Instagram feed. Every time she drapes a saree, she looks all the more graceful. Our personal favourite from her Saree Collection is the Rose Pink Saree she adorned for her sister’s wedding where she looked like a real rose. Guilty as charged but we have seen that picture a million times already. 

Impactful Influencer

Now that we are already on Sobhita’s Instagram feed, can we take a moment collectively to soak in all that goddess-like beauty? Her feed is like a curated piece of artwork depicting grace, charm, elegance and beauty. It is high time we sign a petition to make her feed a world wonder. Don’t we? I mean who looks this perfect after an episode of illness?!?

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The Walking Wonder

Sobhita Dhulipala is not just a treat to the eyes but to the mind as well. She is one of the finest actors to walk the face of Earth and the wide variety of characters she plays, only strengthens this belief. She made her debut with Anurag Kashyap’s psychological thriller Raman Raghav 2.0 and there has been no stopping her since then.  She is best known for starring in projects like Goodachari, Moonthon, The Body, Bard Of Blood, Ghost Stories, Sitara, and of course Made in Heaven. 

Her latest role in The Night Manager Part 1 was tiny and did not have too many dialogues but Sobhita’s expressive face was enough to do wonders. However, going by the teaser of part 2, Sobhita’s character Kaveri will probably play a significant part in the storyline and how it shapes further. Whatever little we saw of her, she was aesthetically appealing and had a screen presence of her own. 

Beyond an actor

In addition to being an actor, Sobhita Dhulipala is also a model and has worked in that capacity. She won the title of Miss India Earth and modelled for the Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar in 2014. She has also collaborated with many brands including Smashbox and has appeared on the cover page of coveted magazines like Lifestyle Asia. She has multiple awards to her name. 

Every time we are on her feed, she is the girl crush we did not know we needed. She is an explosion of talent and her fashion game is always so chic that one can get boundless fashion tips from here. You know the kind who inspires thousands of people on their way without actually knowing? She is that! Hoping to see more of her work, we wish Sobhita Dhulipala a raging career.