Meta, the parent company of Instagram, is all set to expand its monetization for Reels creators with a major development in its “Reels Monetization Program“.

In the next few months, it is planning to introduce broader access to Reels monetization through ads. This move allows Meta’s year-long effort to work on Reels ads, which were previously available on an invite-only basis to selected creators.

Although the full details of the new monetization feature have not been disclosed yet, Meta is urging creators to switch to Professional Mode and access its upcoming creator features, as revealed in its recent Creator Conversations session. Get ready to reap the rewards of your Reels with this exciting new feature from Meta!

As seen in the tweet given below, posted by social media expert Lia Haberman, Meta is trying to increase the push for making more Reels in order to keep users in its apps for longer.

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Recent internal data from Meta has revealed that Reels engagement has driven a significant increase in time spent, on both Facebook and Instagram. However, at the same time, the creation of original content, in both apps, has been decreasing.

As a result, while users are hanging out and watching more videos in each app, they haven’t been posting as much of their own original content, which lowers the overall retention of the platforms.

In addition, Meta is also trying to introduce new tools to assist creators to create their online communities, such as giving more personal information to your most active followers and pre-written messages to thank them for their support.

Reels Monetization Program

Additionally, Meta is working on its “Reels Play Bonus program“, which offers financial rewards for the most effective clips. But it must be able to distribute money depending on ad effectiveness in order to support creators in a more sustainable manner.

Meta is also working on creating new types of ads for Reels as this will help creators earn money in a fair way. However, this process has a series of development steps, and while this program may help many users on Facebook and Instagram to earn some money from their Reels content in the future.