She is the one person you can’t miss out on if humor material is what makes you like browsing through your Instagram feed each day: Kusha Kapila.

With her witty, accessible material, Kusha has won over many fans and achieved significant progress in the OTT and content industry.

Kapila’s creativity is clearly visible in her videos where she makes videos not just for herself but for the advertisements too. Advertising for a brand directly is one thing and advertising it in a way that makes people engage in it for more than a few seconds- this girl aces it very well.

Few TVCs by Kusha that you must check out:

Her latest TVC shows a conversation between Kusha Kapila and her daughter while driving back from a parent-teacher meeting. Now, this is an advertisement for a TATA car but she has made it funny.

Her collaboration videos with her husband are funny and in this one, they’re advertising for MTR ready-to-cook while giving out a message that how she takes a long to get ready.

This lady has also collaborate with Ranbir Kapoor for his Shamshera promotion that is quite funny.

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Desi parlour aunties never let you go without a taunt or something and modern makeup artists make sure you promote them properly, which isn’t wrong. Here Kusha is seen as an MUA who’s doing an advertisement for Maybelline mascara.

This advertisement shows her in a double role where she’s acting for herself and her friend as well. comfortable at her home.

The creator is now also a host and is going places with her creativity, acting, and owning it rightly. In case, you’ve not seen her content, you must check it out and see for yourself- it makes you laugh or ROFL!