Amit Bhadana released his third music video ‘Father Saab’ in the voice of famous Indian rapper, King. Currently, it’s trending at #2 on YouTube with more than 23 million views and 1.2 million likes. Premiered on July 25, 2021, Amit dedicates the song to his late father and family. Quoting his caption on the official video on YouTube, “The idea behind [sic] this song was to show love and gratitude towards his father and family. This song will take you on a journey of father and son’s beautiful relationship and [sic] this song comes with a very beautiful message that everyone should love and respect his/her father and family because once you lose [sic] them you will only regret.”

You can watch King’s ‘Father Saab’ ft. Amit Bhadana here:

You won’t believe it, but the video crossed 1 million views in 22 minutes and 2 million views in 2 hours of its release! It also broke records and became the most viewed video in 24 hours globally!

Check out ‘Father Saab’ making a world record:

Behind concept, story, screenplay, and production was Amit Bhadana himself. King was the Singer, Lyricist, and Composer. Music was by Section 8 and Sshiv mixed and mastered it. Apart from King and Amit, Seema Kaushal and Shavinder Mahal also performed in it. The Director was Teji Sandhu and Manish Shunty was the DOP. As usual, from King’s side, KingsclanMGMT was involved in management. From Amit’s side, the management team consisted of Dheeraj Jorwal, Sanchit Goyal, Rohit Yadav, and Ankit Yadav.

After two months of effort, their hard work paid off! In Amit’s words, this was not just a song but an emotion. I’m sure y’all would be feeling the same! If you love Amit and King’s work, then check out Amit Bhadana’s COVID Awareness Short Film ‘Rakh Hausla’ Trending #6 on YouTube and Famous’: Arjun Kanungo and King’s First-Ever Music Collab!