We all know Aashna Hegde through the fashion and dance reels on Instagram. She got recognition through Tik Tok and continued to make such videos even on the ‘gram. Her transitions, however, caught my eye and I could not help but want to share the same with you. Be it the content, editing, shooting or acting, she slays it all and it all looks so put together due to the smooth transitions. So here is a list of 5 transitional reels that state why Aashna slays at them like a pro.

1. Begging You

2. Watermelon Sugar

3. Kiss Me More

4. Killer Transition ft. Unnati

5. Brutal

I’m sure you are as amazed as me. She sure knows to put her fest foot forward and highlight her ‘A’ game. I love to watch her videos on loop. I’m in awe of her fashion sense, too. She sure knows what looks best on her and look at the way she carries it off, phew! If you want to watch more of her reels, you can do so by tapping HERE. And until my pen writes more for you, here’s another article featuring another content creator and their reels that you can check out by tapping HERE!