In today’s day and age, life is full of surprises. As we go through the ups and downs of life, connecting with others who also appreciate life’s excitement, makes the journey a lot more joyful. It adds more significance to these universal human experiences. John Jacobs is weaving these relatable human narratives with the core ethos of the brand – seeing and ‘Being Seen’. The newly launched brand film conveys this message through striking visuals and a unique storytelling format.

This film is conceptualised by Talented.Agency, directed by Bosco Bhandarkar, and produced by Puff Productions. Their ‘Stay Seen’ campaign aims to break fashion advertising norms with uncomfortably real narratives of not one, but multiple protagonists. Especially given that John Jacobs is a contemporary eye-fashion brand known for weaving impactful stories. This high fashion film aims to target a pull at your heartstrings, while it treats the viewer as the intelligent viewer they are.

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What forms an eye-catching and effective brand campaign?

Effective brand campaigns are crafted with a blend of creativity, authenticity, and strategic insight. They go beyond promoting a product or service, aiming to establish a genuine connection with the audience. A successful campaign resonates with its target demographic, telling a compelling story, and evoking emotions. Consistency in messaging, innovation, and a keen understanding of the audience’s needs contribute to the foundation of impactful brand campaigns.

“Stay Seen”

Fashion advertising usually resorts to a template starring great-looking models or celebrities, super-stylised editorial shots, and a logo superimposed at the end. Featuring a collective of moving, uplifting narratives inspired by a variety of lived experiences, John Jacobs’ brand film sets a new benchmark for storytelling in fashion brands. The film focuses on visually striking scenes and vulnerable POVs, with the objective of blurring the lines between ‘looking good’ and ‘feeling good’.

Fashion, like art, is a powerful form of self-expression and a tool to disrupt and reframe perspectives. Each character in the montage represents a different life experience and background to reflect the diversity in outlooks and the importance of self-expression in making sure your point of view is seen and understood. The strong personalities in the narrative are accentuated by the choice of eyewear that embodies the characters’ respective moods, desires, and emotions and best suits their being.

The montage captures a host of experiences from cherishing safe spaces to grieving a pet’s death. The brand aims to spark discourse around the modern-day human experience. This movie reflects the spirit of the current cultural trends and subtly suggests a shift in how we perceive ourselves and the world. “Stay Seen” breaks from that very template with a strong, fresh perspective on eyewear marketing. Instead of uptight and self-indulgent, the film is real and vulnerable.

The Campaign

Two eyes. So much to see and be seen for. Amidst the ebbs and flows of life, #StaySeen. Through trolls and scrolls, townships and situationships – we invite you to stay curious, stay connected and stay seen. Stay seen in your triumphs, stay seen in your vulnerabilities. As the new year approaches, we’re transcending from just ‘looking good’ to feeling it. See you ‘round the corner in all your uniqueness and beauty.

Seen: Friends with real benefits. Paint a vivid picture of shared vision and camaraderie with John Jacobs, as you #StaySeen in safe spaces with your chosen family. 💛

Queens, it’s time to break the monotony! In a world full of filters and flawless feeds, I’m celebrating the beauty of vulnerability with @johnjacobseyewear. Stay seen, stay real, because each story is a sight to behold!

Karuna Ezra Parikh showcases what it’s like to Stay true. Stay free. #StaySeen. “Here’s to stripping away the masks and layers of the daily drudgery life can bring, and to expressing myself in raw, honest tones with @johnjacobseyewear. A reminder to see myself for who I truly am – in good times and bad.”

Seen: 60 going on 16. Embody the spirit of evergreen souls with John Jacobs, as they #StaySeen on an ageless adventure that defies every limit.

Aman Pal says #StaySeen is my journey – defying expectations, breaking barriers, and celebrating authenticity. He shares his story, unfiltered and unapologetic with @johnjacobseyewear.

What The Key Stakeholders Have To Say

Apeksha Gupta, CEO, John Jacobs said, “From the get-go we didn’t want this to be a product film. We wanted it to showcase what our brand stands for. And the manifesto of ‘Stay Seen’ does exactly that–puts the spotlight on the wearers, not the glasses. The spirit of Stay Seen reflects the brand’s core ethos–transparency, authenticity and originality.

Pooja Manek, founding member and creative, Talented who wrote the film said, “While thinking of the concept, we went down to the most philosophically primal need we have as a human being–to see a myriad of new things as life happens, and we want to ‘be seen’ and heard as our most authentic selves. This film takes inspiration from the profound storytelling style of coming-of-age films–a showcase of protagonists learning about friendships, love, ageing, immortality, self expression, and more, through the moments they experience. It all starts with seeing something in a new light.

john jacobs eyewear brand stay seen campaign

Bosco Bhandarkar, the director of “Stay Seen,” comments, “The real challenge and opportunity was to make sure the emotions don’t take a backseat while we do justice to showcasing the product in every sequence. Our music director, Rahul Pais from The Jamroom, experimented with a host of genres before arriving at soulful electronic pop to make this film sound as evocative as it looks. The clients allowed us massive creative and cinematic liberty and we’re chuffed with the final output.”

We are shaped by our outlook, but the world around us is also defined by how we see it. ‘Stay Seen’ by John Jacobs sheds a bright spotlight on the wearers, who express their point of view with authenticity, vulnerability and style.