From Dua Lipa’s ‘Levitating’ to BTS’s ‘Permission To Dance’ Challenge on Youtube Shorts to BLACKPINK becoming the most-subscribed artists on the platform in September 2021, Youtube was abuzz with record-breaking music buzzing throughout the year.

In its recently launched Youtube Music Recap 2021, the platform looks back at some of the magical musical moments that became the talk of the town across the globe. YouTube-led year in sound with 2021 Recap reflects shareable stats, and a personalized playlist to help users relive all their favorite music from the past year. 

In order to find their musical gem scrolls of the year, listeners can tap into 2021 Recap landing page on the YouTube Music app and scroll through to see their personalized stats (top artists, songs, music videos, and playlists) from this year, as per its official blog.

The 2021 Recap also highlights one’s recent music discoveries and lets them listen to their favorites of the year in a personalized 2021 Recap playlist. Youtube Music has also enabled the sharing option for the list so that the users can share it among their peers by tapping the arrow button on the stats card.

Summing up its musical quest with global artists in 2021, Youtube Music shares that the platform collaborated with the biggest names in the industry to bring out some unforgettable gems and distinct content in the music universe. According to the company,  BLACKPINK, became the most-subscribed artist on the platform in September 2021, delivered dazzling moments during their global Livestream THE SHOW, and Selena Gomez shared personal stories with fans through her intimate installment of YouTube’s Artist Spotlight Stories inspired by her debut Spanish-language EP, “Revelación.”

The data further states the global expansion of YouTube Shorts led to unprecedented partnerships with the likes of global icons BTS on the viral “Permission to Dance” Challenge followed by the first-ever album preview from Ed Sheeran — who now has over 50 million YouTube subscribers — a single sneak peek from Australian pop superstar Ruel, and more on YouTube Shorts.

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This year also brought Youtube history-making artists like Lil Nas X, who dominated the charts with his game-changing videos for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and “Industry Baby,” and Olivia Rodrigo, whose breakout year with her must-watch, record-shattering debut “drivers license,” earned her 6 Grammy nominations.

Youtube further shares that support for artists and creators continue to be a major focus for the platform as a result of which 2021 witnessed the introduction of Foundry’s biggest global artist development class to date, with 27 artists representing 14 countries, and Grammy nominations for three of the program’s alumni including Arlo ParksDua Lipa, and Tems. And while celebrating the success of its 2021 grantees, the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund also announced a program expansion to include songwriters and producers ahead of the introduction of its #YouTubeBlack Voices Artist Class of 2022.

Youtube is committed to collaborating with and raising up the voices of all artists for 2022 and years to come.