In a bid to push the ‘Reels’ content on the app, Instagram has introduced an update to the comments section wherein a user will now be able to reply to them with Reels mentions. That particular comment will pop up as a sticker and the newest feature is titled ‘Reels Visual Replies’.

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Instagram has announced the arrival of its latest feature across social media and there’s already a lot of buzz surrounding it. The move is one more step in the direction to enhance the reach of the creator community on the platform and the content they create.

Users always complained of not having a visual reply option in the comments section of the posts to be equipped with relevant stickers, photos, or gifs. They wished that the activity would have become more fun if only they would rely on memes as a reply to certain comments. Now with ‘Reels Visual Replies’ it has become a bit more amusing and the comments section might look more lively.

All in all, Meta-backed Instagram can be seen pulling all stops to augment creator-led content on the platform in terms of visibility and reach. More updates are arriving soon.