Instagram is now working on an update which will allow users to add multiple audio tracks to their Instagram reels. Currently Instagram allows use of only one audio track per reel which even overlaps the users original audio. Owing to which creators in order to use multiple audios make the mix on a different app and then upload it to reels which gets labeled under “original audio.” With scores of audio mixes coming into trends it is fairly thoughtful of Instagram to allow users to add multiple audio tracks. Alessandro Paluzzi, a popular app developer on his twitter even shared what the feature will look like.

Turns out the option to add music (available on Instagram) to reels will be modified into having the following options:

Add Music

-Edit Track
-Add Track

Create a Mix

Combine multiple audio tracks into a unique mix for your reel. Simply select a track, record a clip, then repeat. The feature currently is under work in progress (WIP) and one can only assume that Instagram will release it soon. In addition to that Instagram is also working on the ability to create a Reels Draft and Reels Shortcut. 

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