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Instagram launched three new Reels effects that are based on AR and music, Superbeat, Dynamic and 3D Lyrics! These effects will ensure smoother visual editing performance and easier music usage. 

According to Instagram’s @Creators, “Superbeat is a new music beat effect that applies appealing visual edits to your reel based on the song you choose. Dynamic 3D Lyrics are two new lyric effects that apply song lyrics to your Reel so you can perform to the music and connect with your audience.” 

Let’s get to know more about Superbeat, Dynamic and 3D Lyrics as mentioned by Instagram’s @Creators.


“A new music beat effect that automatically applies visual edits/effects to a Reel based on the song of choice.”

When To Use Superbeat

  1. “When showcasing your talent! Whether it’s a dance routine, skate trick, or dunkshot, use superbeat for a fun punctuation in emphasizing your skills.
  2.   Show off what is in your closet by adding in a new piece to your outfit each time the beat drops.”

Dynamic & 3D Lyrics

“Two new lyric effects that display song lyrics for creators to perform with.”

When To Use Lyrics

  1. “Have the text take up the screen and dance around the text without blocking it. Playing around with the movement of the lyrics by trying to dodge or chase the lyrics as they come onto screen.
  2. Have a karaoke session with a friend or put on a concert for your followers with the lyrics coming on to the screen.”

How To Use These Effects

  1. Open the Reels Camera
  2. Next, open the effect tray/gallery.
  3. Select Superbeat/ Dynamic/ 3D Lyrics effect. (Search and save them for future use)
  4. Use the music picker to select a song.
  5. Start recording to see the effect.

So, that’s all about the new effects. Also, check out Instagram Introduces New Insights to Know About Audience Engagement