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Instagram on a recent blog wrote about testing new templates for reels. Instagram Tests Out ‘Templates’ for Reels, New Ways to Reels Promos In-Stream has been giving more users access to the Reels Templates option, which enables you to create Reels based on popular content formats in the app.

Instagram initially launched this back in April, which takes users through a frame-by-frame process to create a similar-looking Reels clip. So if you lack creativity, now Instagram will do the creative framing for you, which could be handy, as a means to create more engaging clips.

Instagram Expands Reels Templates
Source Social Media Today

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But it could also make a lot more of your Reels feed look familiar, due to replication of the same types of clips over and over again, while it also leans on the talents of trendsetters within the app.

As seen in the tweet below which is posted by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram’s testing out a new Template option for Reels.

As you can see in the tweet below, shared by user Ahmed Ghanem, few users can now see the new ‘Templates’ option within the Reels camera, which enables you to select a format for your Reel based on popular trends.

This enables users to contribute to the latest trends and memes with their own, simple, creative takes. Indeed, what people like most about short-form content is that it provides more avenues for creativity.

According to another discovery by Ghanem, Instagram will also now recommend songs for your content, based on your upload. A user just has to come up with what they want to film and Instagram’s recommendation tools and templates will help them decide to do the rest.

For brands that are short on time, and are unable to keep up with the latest formats and tracks, this recent template update could be a big help.