Instagram’s creative community lead, Tiffany Matloob, and India’s Instagram partnerships team, Roxanne, collaborated on ‘Instagram Presents Reels Star Search.’ They hosted a virtual ‘Reels first birthday’ celebration with Instagram creators from the creators’ Instagram page. Niharika NM, Ritvi Shah, Shantanu Dhope, Nirmal Pillai, Aabir Vyas, and Tanya Balchandani are the creators featured in this video. Instagram reels have given a boost to the app as well as enhanced a variety of content for us to consume and hence, we couldn’t help but celebrate the birthday ourselves by featuring this in our article. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

In this video, topics ranging from how the reels influenced these creators to what keeps them going were addressed. These creators discussed their perspectives on following trends, their niches, how they came up with the idea for Instagram content, and much more. Did you know, Niharika wanted to prove to her manager that being a creator isn’t her thing, so she agreed to make ten videos as a deal? However, her content quickly gained traction on Instagram, and she was discovered; as a result, she continued to create content. What were the experiences of others on their journeys? Also, watch Ritvi give some insight and inside tips for Instagram and content creation in the video. Add this to others talking about their journeys, inputs, and more for us to learn from!

This video is highly engaging, motivating, inspiring and lots of fun to watch. It also states different ways for you to make reels and use #HappyBirthdayReels. The steps are: “1. The Reel I Never Posted : Post a Reel that you didn’t end up posting! 2. My First Reel : Remix the first Reel that you ever posted! 3. Reels Bloopers : Post your Reels fails!” So tap away and watch it yourself to know more about the creators community and discover how they celebrated Instagram Reels’ first birthday!

If you enjoyed this video, please remember to give it a lot of love and support. The creators shared their perspectives, and if you found any of them useful, don’t forget to follow their content and them on Instagram. Also, I hope you make your own reels to commemorate the Instagram and its features. And until my pen writes more for you, here’s another article you can read based on reels birthday by TAPPING HERE! A happy birthday, Reels, indeed!