CRED, a member’s only credit card bill payment platform known for its iconic ads has come up with a six episodes long new video series titled “The Long Game”. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Cred’s The Long Game is a series featuring six renowned cricketers and coaches who share their journey and the wisdom they gained, both on and off the pitch over the years. So far the series has featured five out of six creators who are Mohinder Amarnath, Mithali Raj, Kapil Dev, Rahul Dravid and Ashish Nehra. let’s have a detailed look inside each episode (Source: CRED).

Mohinder Amarnath on Comebacks & Consistency

Mohinder Amarnath aka Jimmy has seen the highest highs and lowest lows in cricket. And through it all, he remained a student of the game. That’s probably why he was considered one of the best batsmen of his time. Sunil Gavaskar and Imran Khan agree.

Rahul Dravid on Scoring Centuries

Mr Dependable. The Wall. Shielding batters from the new ball. Putting bowlers on the back foot with his own back foot shots. Rahul Dravid wouldn’t leave the pitch without scoring a century. Or at least trying. Watch him reveal lessons and insights from his game and the one thing he finds most stressful.

Kapil Dev on the 1983 world cup

The Haryana Hurricane shares a box full of life lessons from his experiences as a fast bowler, the captain of a World Cup-winning team, a coach and most importantly, from his love of cricket. Watch Kapil Dev talk about what got him into the game, never having a Plan B and leading a team of seasoned players to a world cup win.

Mithali Raj on Cricket and Captaincy

The highest run-scorer in women’s international cricket talks about her journey, the records she broke and the importance of discipline. From waking up early to tag along with her brother for cricket coaching to tuning out the noise and the ‘what will people think’ doubts, Mithali Raj shares her life lessons from cricket and her excitement for the 2022 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup.

Ashish Nehra on Surgeries and Comebacks

Ashish Nehra is one of the finest bowlers the Indian National Cricket Team has had. Watch him take us through his cricketing journey, right from his first practice sessions to his eleven surgeries. He smiled through it all and always worked on keeping his cool — something he learnt from Sourav Ganguly. Because while half the game is about skill, the other half is all about the mind.

While we wait for the last and final episode of the series. Let’s enjoy these in our long game!