“My bestie and your bestie…” With over 177 thousand Instagram reels, I’m pretty sure you have listened to this audio, repeatedly. Isn’t the trend enticing enough to make you want to dance along with it? So, since so many people tapped their feet and reeled to this music, it’s only fair that I write an article to share my personal favourites with you. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

1. Unnati Malharkar

Firstly, let’s talk about this group of friends shooting a reel to entertain us, shall we? Unnati Malharkar with friends dances to Iko Iko and we love how every person owns their place while performing. Just tap, watch and miss spending time with your friends in person, will you?

2. Mrunal Panchal and Anirudh Sharma

Secondly, is this video by our cute couple: Mrunal and Anirudh. We love how much fun they are having throughout this video. They make us incredibly happy. And what an incredible duo are they!

3. Nicole Concessao

Thirdly, is this video presented to us by the sister-duo with our very own, Nicole Concessao. The energy and fun level showcased in this video makes us tap our feet along. Let’s boost our energy by watching this and joining in, shall we?

4. Aastha Shah

Second to last is this first father-daughter duo presented to us by Aastha Shah. The salsa dance at the end just strikes a chord with our hearts. Awww, so adorable! Watch it and try with your parents right away!

5. Prerna Mehra

Here’s our second father-daughter duo and the last in this list presented to us by Prerna Mehra. The view is just refreshing for people stuck at home like me. Such a breather and the vacation outfits by the two are so cool! Let’s enjoy this view, god knows we need it the most at this time, shall we?

Well, make sure to tap your feet along and upload a video before this trend dies out! And until my pen writes more for you, why not let our body sway to the rhythm.