Kaira Taneja (Rasbhari) adorably titled as ‘India’s Youngest Vlogger’ finally turned 3! The whole of Internet poured their wishes for our cute little Chiklu who is now growing up so fast that it only makes us go 🥺🥺

Rasbhari who is the daughter of Gaurav Taneja and Ritu Rathee Taneja, the runners of the channel Flying Beast, is one of the most loved children across the nation and beyond. Her life’s moments right from birth have been adorably documented by her parents. One of the most wholesome things about watching her is the personal connection that we’ve established with the Taneja household (kyunki ye har ghar ki kahani hai).

On Rashi’s birthday, her mother Ritu shared a heartfelt video of her on Instagram which beautifully captures her growing up. The melodious “Kaira” song playing in the background was cherry on the cake.. Wait cheesecake (if you know you know)

Our little master too joined the party and in a cutely adorable Instagram post thanked everyone for their birthday wishes. 

Well if we’re talking about birthdays then there has to be a party. Following all the heartfelt and emotional posts. Rashi’s birthday party vlog was one of the most awaited vlogs thanks to all the hilarious and amazing reels posted by the family. 

When the vlog was finally out, we just couldn’t help but groove along with the family and become a part of the party (virtually of course!), we only wish we too could get a slice of that tempting cheesecake.
The full birthday vlog can be watched here:

To the most loved Flying Beast family, we wish the best for you and to our dear “Kaira Topa” God bless you and give you a healthy and a wealthy life. 
Okay Google! Play Chiklu O Chiklu