With the emergence of Social Media, the nature of buying and selling has changed tremendously and Instagram can be traced to be one of the significant sources of this change in businesses. More than 1 billion active users on Instagram have made the social media application a great platform for business.

Instagram for online Business

Digital Marketers have emphasised the need for an online presence to create brand visibility and authenticity, and Instagram is considered a close second to Facebook in this pursuit. As per the statistics mentioned in Meta-Commissioned Ipsos Study, nearly 44% of online buyers shop weekly on Instagram and this can mean quite something, especially for small business owners. 

Why is Instagram sought-after for an online business?

  • The ease of utility Instagram offers is something worth mentioning. Both for the seller and the buyer, Instagram is easy to use and does not require any special tools or knowledge. 
  • One does not have to pay any subscription fee or any sort of charge to create an account on Instagram. The entire setup process is simple, quick and free. Nothing gets better than this, right?
  • There are no minimum or maximum posts one can do in 24 hours giving enough space to be able to explore the app for business.
  • Instagram addiction is for real. People mindlessly scroll on Instagram for hours and thereby making it a great platform to target a new audience and potential buyer. 
Instagram for Business

It is a well-established truth that Instagram is an effective and efficient tool when it comes to business. However, knowing the right tricks and tips can help in strategizing policies that bring sure shot results.

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The Secret To Successful Business On Instagram

  • First and the foremost thing to do is to create a business account for your business. While there are certain limitations to a personal account, a Business account has many added features that can aid the business. Some of these features include real-time analysis, selling directly on Instagram, to be able to share contact information and access the Instagram community better. 
  • Optimised content is always important for online businesses. The Instagram Bio allows one to write up to 150 characters and is the first thing a viewer sees on your account. Therefore, a clear and concise description of the business, along with the products is important. In online businesses, there is a lack of physical touch and words act as a bridge between the buyer and seller, representing the brand, its products and its ideology. 
  • High-quality images are another prerequisite when it comes to doing business on Instagram. Since the buyer is seeing the product and not touching or feeling it, it is important to post high-quality images from different angles to compensate for this absence.
  • Consistency is the way forward. There is no single number which can bring one success, but daily posting helps in increasing the chances of visibility. There are many websites and applications that suggest an appropriate time to post the products and content. This can help in increasing the traffic to the business.
  • Instagram allows for connecting with potential customers. It is necessary to respond to direct messages and comments. This increased engagement will help in increasing the traffic and also help in creating brand value for the brand. These small steps will help show your professional attitude and will push customers to repurchase. In the long run, it will create an unbreakable trust for the products and the brand. 
Using Instagram for business helps in growth
  • The Hashtag Heaven is for real. Often, they are not given importance, but hashtags have the power to make one famous. Using the right hashtag can help you increase your audience base and reach out to people whom it would have been otherwise impossible. 
  • Reels and stories are again a very powerful tool for people doing business on Instagram. They can make boring content more entertaining and can reach more people. Using trending audio is a smart move when it comes to growing your business on Instagram.
  • Since Instagram allows for Direct messages and comments, it can become a guide in shaping your business. Taking customer opinion and feedback and shaping your business as per it will help you strengthen the ties with existing customers and build a bond with potential customers.
  • Instagram is a great way of knowing your competitors and what they are doing with their business. This can help you learn from their mistakes and borrow their success tips which will eventually help the business grow.

Instagram is undoubtedly a great friend in an awkward situation, a wonderful place to reconnect with old friends, and a fantastic platform to know about ex-batchmates and colleagues but it can be one of the best decisions you have made for your business. The potential of Instagram for business is unimaginable and can truly be understood only after using it.