One of the most popular features on Instagram is Instagram Music. Time and again we’ve seen the music tab shuffle in accordance with the trending charts. Initially launched for stories, Instagram Music has gained more popularity by its use in reels and everyday we see different versions of popular songs being played in different reels.

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While there are thousands of song tracks available on the music tab, there was no clarity on how creators can upload their music on Facebook and Instagram song library until now! Thanks to The Facebook Independent Artist Program for making things simple for undistributed artists and creators to distribute their music free of charge and use on the social media platforms.

Undistributed artists and creators can now easily distribute their music for use on Facebook and Instagram products like Stories, Reels, and anywhere else we offer a music library. We’ve partnered with preferred third-party music distribution companies to help you get your music on Facebook and Instagram quickly, seamlessly and at no cost to you. Make your music available to millions of people across Facebook apps and technologies—free of charge—and be the soundtrack to people’s social experiences.” says Facebook on their media website.

Source: Facebook for Media

Turns out Facebook has partnered with TuneCore and Distrokid to help artists and creators get their music on the library.

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How to get your music on Facebook and Instagram:
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1. Choose a preferred distribution partner

Learn more about our preferred third-party distribution partners below and choose the one that’s right for you. There’s no cost to participate in the program, regardless of which distribution partner you sign up with.

2. Sign up

Click the Sign Up button under your chosen distributor. It will direct you to the program sign-up form on their website with more information. Note: Make sure you sign up by clicking the button listed under the distributor below. Do not sign up directly on the distributor’s website.

3. Share your music

After you complete the sign-up process on the distributor’s website, your chosen distributor will share next steps for delivering your music. You can direct any questions you have about the music delivery process to your chosen distributor. As with all content on Facebook, music must comply with our Community Standards.

 4. Make your music available on Facebook and Instagram music products

Once you’ve completed the music delivery process with your chosen distributor, your music will be available for people to use on music products like Stories, Reels, and anywhere else we offer a music library. Learn more about each music product below.

5. Get paid

You’ll get paid for the use of your music based on the terms of your chosen distributor. Additionally, you’ll have access to certain data and insights about your music’s performance, which also varies by distributor.

To know more about The Facebook Independent Artist Program. CLICK HERE.