The ‘Perfect‘ singer Ed Sheeran hosted the most magical concert at Mumbai‘s Mahalaxmi Race Course Grounds on March 16 as part of his -=/x Tour (Mathematics). It was a massive success, to say the least. From performing with Diljit Dosanjh and singing in Punjabi for the first time to leaving fans stunned while crooning his chart-busting numbers to jamming with Armaan Malik – Ed left his fans desperate for more.

While the English singer-songwriter was at the centre of everyone’s attention, another young man there grabbed the spotlight. As Ed sang, “We keep this love in a photograph“, a guy tried finding love at the concert with a QR Code instead. If you spotted him there, then you know who we’re talking about!

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The Ingenious Idea

A post by an X user Shweta Kukreja has been going viral which showcases a guy wearing a white t-shirt that says “For Single People Only” with a QR Code printed on it. Upon scanning the code, it opens to the young man’s Tinder profile. Wild, right?

The 22-year-old Hardik’s Tinder bio says, “Look who finally found me! Yes, I am the guy you spotted at the concert with a scanner on his tee.” He further added, “Grabbing ice cream together sounds like perfect first date idea, wdyt?” Well, we think that’s super creative!

Guy with QR Code Tinder bio profile Ed Sheeran mumbai concert viral Hardik

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Amused Netizens React

The innovative move quickly caught the eye of fellow concert attendees at the venue, with many intrigued enough to scan the QR code and explore Hardik’s profile. The buzz didn’t stop at the concert grounds. Images and videos of the young man and his distinctive T-shirt began circulating on social media platforms, with netizens applauding the creativity of such a public quest for love.

Women Simping Over Him

An X user wrote, “In this QR based payment era, the only QR I want to scan🥰😍”. Another said, “His creativity shows he will be the perfect partner for me 👀 (I’m going to scan this QR.)“. A third exclaimed, “Imagine, if he’s trying so hard to find a date, how much harder he’ll work to take care of her!!😭🫶🏻” Calling Hardik the walking right swipe, a girl said, “this type of creativity I need in my life everywhere🫡

Guy with QR Code Tinder bio profile Ed Sheeran mumbai concert viral Hardik social media reactions comments X post

Men Lauding His Creative Rizz

Even AI will be scared of this guy’s dating game😂😭” wrote an X user. “Bro literally took the dating game 20 years ahead” said another. A third commented “Indian boys are of another level. They never leave any opportunity in life lol”. A netizen was envious thinking about how many matches he’s going to get after that post. “He shows us how an introvert person dates 😂” said another.

Real Or Marketing Gimmick?

While it seems like a creative stunt by Hardik, this was actually a planned marketing strategy by Tinder India. If you look closely at his bio, the last line reads “Tinder partner. This profile is for promotional purposes.” That’s a bit of a bummer…right, girls? It is getting increasingly difficult to differentiate between a real incident and a planned PR move.

Nonetheless, this was a clever brand integration for sure and we’re here for the creativity! What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below!