The latest episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show on Netflix featuring Ed Sheeran has been making waves with a blend of music, humour, and cultural exchange. Kapil Sharma and his team’s preparation and Ed Sheeran’s enthusiasm created an episode that was both entertaining and heartwarming, despite some comedic missteps.

Kapil Sharma and Ed Sheeran on The Great Indian Kapil Show

Kapil Sharma’s Signature Style

The episode began with Kapil Sharma’s trademark self-deprecating humour, setting a relaxed and jovial tone. Kapil had meticulously prepared for this special episode, making notes on what questions to ask Ed Sheeran, and his efforts paid off as he managed to make the singer laugh heartily.

Ed Sheeran joins Kapil Sharma on The Great Indian Kapil Show


Musical Highlights

The show kicked off with a bang as Ed Sheeran performed his hit song Shape of You with a unique Indian twist, accompanied by Bhangra dancers. This electrifying performance delighted the audience and set a high-energy tone for the rest of the show.

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Cultural Exchange

Ed Sheeran was game for trying out Hindi dialogues with Kapil, leading to amusement from the crowd. His attempt at Allu Arjun’s famous line from “Pushpa, Jhukega nahi sala” – was particularly well-received. Additionally, Ed Sheeran recreated Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic pose, calling the show “the craziest, most fun show,” much to the delight of the cast, crew and the audience.

Kapil Sharma and Ed Sheeran on The Great Indian Kapil Show on Netflix


Personal Touch

A touching moment came when Kapil Sharma shared a personal story about his four-year-old daughter, who is a big fan of Ed Sheeran and knows the lyrics to Shape of You by heart. This personal anecdote added warmth to the episode, and highlighting the power of art in erasing boundaries.

Comedy Sketches

Not all comedic segments hit the mark. However, Sunil Grover and Kiku Sharda, appearing as Diamond Raja and Cotton Candy, invited Ed Sheeran to join their fictional band, the Chak-Chak Dhoom Orchestra was surely a laughter fest. 

Ed Sheeran has a laughter filled Evening with Kapil Sharma


Dharavi Reloaded Performance

The highlight of the evening was a fantastic performance by Dharavi Reloaded, India’s beloved junk percussion band. Kapil Sharma and Ed Sheeran took over the stage with the band, delivering an unforgettable performance that showcased their drumming skills. This collaborative effort added a unique musical flavour to the comedy show, seamlessly blending humour and music.

Despite some less successful comedic bits, the eighth episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show was far from serious. It struck a perfect balance between engaging interactions with Ed Sheeran and entertaining sketch comedy. With Kapil Sharma and Ed Sheeran leading the charge, the episode transformed from a simple comedy show into an enjoyable musical night. The blend of Ed Sheeran’s global appeal with the local flavour of Indian humour and music made it a must-watch episode.