Behind every successful individual lies a supportive system often overshadowed by the limelight the successful person enjoys. In the case of Indian cricketer Shreyas Iyer, he has enjoyed global stardom because of his cricketing skills, but his sister Shresta Iyer was a name not known to many now has emerged as a multifaceted personality, carving her own niche in the digital realm. The social media influencer has embarked on content creation journey while highlighting her dancing skills and her fashion A game.

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Meet Shresta Iyer, the sister of Shreyas Iyer and a dancer


A Dance Maven

Shresta Iyer’s journey into the world of dance began early in her life. Raised in Mumbai, she honed her skills at Convent Girls High School and later pursued her passion at even during her college years. With dedication and talent, she emerged as a professional dancer and budding choreographer, entertaining audiences with her wonderful performances.

Sibling Bond and Social Media Stardom

While Shresta’s brother, Shreyas Iyer, commands attention on the cricket field, Shresta shines bright in the digital domain. The duo shares a remarkable bond, evident in their heartwarming social media posts. Through throwback pictures and viral videos, they offer glimpses into their close-knit relationship, that show the fans their off-screen and beyond the field bond.

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A Digital Luminary

With an active presence on Instagram and Facebook, Shresta has leveraged social media to showcase her dance skills and advocate for causes close to her heart. Her Instagram account, boasting over 103k followers, serves as a platform for her mesmerising dance videos and reels as well as her fashion choices. From classical routines to contemporary performances, Shresta captivates her audience with every step.

Advocacy for Animal Welfare

Beyond her dance career, Shresta is a passionate advocate for animal welfare. Through her initiative, We are pawerful, she raises awareness and fosters compassion for our furry friends. Her posts featuring playful interactions with animals resonate deeply with her followers, inspiring them to join her in championing this noble cause.

The Road Ahead

As Shresta continues to dazzle audiences with her dance performances and social efforts, her influence in the digital sphere only grows stronger. With each post, she inspires her followers to embrace their passions, support meaningful causes, and cherish the bonds of family and friendship.

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Shresta Iyer emerges as a source of positivity and creativity, leaving an indelible mark on all who encounter her digital footprint. As she continues to dance her way into the hearts of millions, her legacy as a social media influencer and advocate for change is destined to endure.

Meet Shresta Iyer, the sister of Shreyas Iyer and a dancer

In the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, amidst the cacophony of urban life, Shresta Iyer’s graceful movements and compassionate spirit shine brightly, illuminating the path towards a brighter, more connected world.