The GTA franchise has an immense influence on players because of which, GTA 6 ranks among the most highly anticipated games in history. This has left fans eagerly waiting for insights from Rockstar Games about their latest project. In the previous year, an astounding leak gave a glimpse into this upcoming game, but not without substantial consequences for both Rockstar and “teapotuberhacker,” the person responsible for the leak.

For Rockstar, the exposure of their developers’ work called for a redirection of resources to plug the leak. As for the leaker, there are major legal consequences. Although the leaked content showcased an early stage of the game’s development, it still offered valuable insights into Rockstar’s creative direction. Given the magnitude of the leak, you may not be aware of every detail it revealed.

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Dedicated fans have analysed the leak, which led them to compile their findings into a PDF document, summarizing its crucial aspects. You can access this informative document on the r/GTA6 subreddit. The game was far from completion when the leak occurred. But because of it, the initially leaked parts may undergo significant changes or even end up being removed by the time the final game is revealed in the market.

The GTA 6 leak was an iconic moment in the gaming world, partly due to the anticipation surrounding the game and the fact that it was one of the most substantial leaks ever to occur during the early stages of its making. As the document outlines, the internet was flooded with approximately 90 videos and the game’s Python code. The document gives insights into many complex details such as observed modifications in Rockstar’s Euphoria physics, varying lighting and weather effects, and a comprehensive list of named characters, including Lucia and Jason, who appear to be the forthcoming protagonists.

Additionally, the document catalogs various items and tools, spanning from golf clubs to a USB drive. This leak has also given insight into some of the brands that might feature in the final game. As it is customary for the franchise, many of these brand names include playful and indecent wordplay. Moreover, the leak has also revealed several intriguing gameplay mechanics, such as the ability to walk while in cover, go prone, loot cars, engage in robberies, hack, and much more. It also showcases urban wildlife, including raccoons, rummaging around in trash.

An official release date still remains uncertain, but Rockstar has confirmed its dedicated efforts towards creating the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. One GTA fan is showing off their math skills by estimating the difference in map sizes between Grand Theft Auto V and the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI.

grand theft auto GTA 6 map size compared to GTA 5

Although much of Grand Theft Auto VI’s specifications are yet to be confirmed by Rockstar Games, many leaks have led fans to believe that we will be heading back to Vice City for the first time since 2002’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This comes after footage from the leak was unveiled showing the “Vice City Metro” as well as other familiar locations from the city such as the Malibu Club, Ocean View Hotel, Little Haiti, and Vice Beach. With Rockstar confirming the leak, there is a 99% surety that GTA 6 will be taking place in Vice City.

If that is true, the GTA 6 map also looks significantly larger than GTA V’s San Andreas which was based in Southern California. This was shown by a Reddit user who placed the coordinates of GTA V’s map over what we believe to be the new and improved Vice City. “Here is a size comparison I made based off of DuPzOr’s newest revision of the VI map from the coordinates provided in the videos,” they wrote. “The GTA V map is placed on the exact range coordinates that it has in the game and I have it placed accurate to about +- 50 units in each direction on X and Y.” The image included shows the vast scaling difference between the two games.

If you take the highest and lowest confirmed Y coordinates in GTA VI from the videos the map is already just over 1,000 rage units longer than the GTA V map”, they continued. “If you take the highest and lowest confirmed X coordinates in GTA VI from the videos the map is already over 2,300 rage units longer than GTA V map.” They also reminded viewers that the map could still go in “hundreds if not thousands of coordinates further,” although it’s impossible to know without seeing the map’s borders. Either way, it looks like this GTA will be on a much larger scale than its predecessor which could explain why a Grand Theft Auto VI announcement is taking so long.

While there are rumours surfacing about the game releasing on October 26, 2023, we will only know the accurate details once GTA 6 is out.