It is believed that if we get to the crux of human needs, it is only love and laughter that we seek. Dice Media engages these two powerful forces that have the ability to transform relationships and create a lifetime of happiness. In their upcoming series for Amazon MiniTV, Dice Media unveils the power of a Romedy starring Karan Wahi and Maanvi Gagroo. The web series is named Half Love, Half Arranged and the shooting for the same has commenced recently.

Half Love, Half Arranged

Directed by Simarpreet, Half Love, Half Arranged will be a unique and fresh take on dating culture and love stories. The story revolves around Riya Tanwar who explores the arranged dating scene, after her relationship of 3 years ends. Like Dice Media’s previous work, Half Love Half Arranged will also be a mixture of heartwarming moments filled with many bizarre and funny incidents.

Maanvi Gagroo was previously seen in comedy series such as Four More Shots and Tripling where she takes the audience on a laughter riot with her impeccable comedy timing. Alongside, Karan Wahi won the viewer’s hearts as Dil Mil Gaye’s Dr. Siddhant who often found himself in humorous situations. 

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Apart from Maanvi and Karan, the show also has many other well-known names such as Pulkit Makol, Shruti Jolly, Supriya Shukla, Grusha Kapoor, Amit Singh Thakur, Bhavya Grover and Kashish Saluja. The series will stream on Amazon MiniTV once it is completed.

The Actor’s excitement

While sharing her excitement about being a part of Half Love, Half Arranged, Maanvi said, “Super excited to be starting my next project with Dice Media. Have been a fan of their work in the past so naturally, I’m really looking forward to this. The show boasts a pretty stellar cast with a mix of senior actors and fresh faces.” She added, “The script is very funny with very subtle messaging. The director Simarpreet’s take on the show is extremely fresh and I can’t wait to bring this series to you.”

The parallel lead of the show Karan Wahi also expressed his happiness over being a part of Half Love, Half Arranged. He said, “Shooting this project is going to be such a thrilling experience! It’s a hilarious and relatable series that the audience will absolutely adore. Working alongside Maanvi and Simarpreet is going to be a thrilling experience as I am certain they have a lot to offer. I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming months of the shoot.”

Trailer Release

The team recently shared the trailer of the series and we already cannot stop laughing out loud. Seeing Maanvi have a “flowchart” for her entire life has serious put us in crisis as we get through the day one day at a time, her bang on comedy timing applies some ointment on our wounds. We are super excited to see the ‘right guy, wrong timing’ angle Maanvi and Karan explore in the show Half Love, Half Arranged.

Going by the trailer, the show looks like one of those heartwarming shows you binge watch straight in a lazy afternoon. The series is all set to release on October 12th on Amazon MiniTV and can be watched for free.

The excitement of the cast as soon as they announced their new project- Half Love, Half Arranged, is contagious and now after watching the trailer, we cannot wait to experience this magic ourselves. Stay tuned for more updates.