In a notable reversal of its earlier decision, Google has announced its intention to restore over 100 Indian apps that were removed from its Play Store due to a billing dispute. This decision comes following significant criticism from the Indian government and local internet startups. The U-turn in Google’s stance reflects a shift in approach prompted by discussions with Indian officials, indicating a willingness to cooperate and find solutions to the ongoing conflict.

Google Play Store relists Indian Apps

Google’s Billing Policy

Google’s decision to remove the Indian apps stemmed from its policy requiring developers to pay a service fee for in-app transactions made through options other than Google’s own billing system. The dispute intensified when several Indian startups challenged Google’s fee structure, which ranged from 11% to 26%, as being excessive. This conflict has been ongoing for some time, with startups contesting Google’s policies in courts, including the Supreme Court, and before antitrust authorities.

Government Intervention

The removal of these Indian apps sparked significant criticism, particularly from Indian companies that have long been at odds with Google over its policies. The Indian government swiftly intervened, expressing dissatisfaction with Google’s actions and emphasising the importance of protecting the interests of Indian businesses. IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw condemned Google’s decision, stating that such actions could not be tolerated.

Google Play Store relists Indian Apps after government intervention

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Google’s Reversal and Cooperation

In response to the government’s concerns and after discussions with Indian officials, Google announced its decision to temporarily reinstate the apps of developers with pending appeals in the Supreme Court. Google India head Sanjay Gupta reportedly met with IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, indicating a proactive effort to address the issue.

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Hope for Long-Term Resolution

Vaishnaw expressed optimism about the possibility of reaching a long-term resolution between the startup community and Google in the coming months. The government’s stance reflects a commitment to safeguarding the interests of Indian businesses and ensuring a fair and competitive digital ecosystem. 

While the reinstatement of the Indian apps is a positive step, the broader implications of this conflict highlight the complex relationship between tech giants and local startups in emerging markets like India.

Google Play Store temporarily  relists Indian Apps


Google’s decision to reinstate the Indian apps following government criticism underscores the importance of dialogue and cooperation in resolving disputes in the digital space. The conflict over billing policies highlights the challenges faced by Indian startups in navigating the global tech landscape. Moving forward, all stakeholders need to work together to find equitable solutions that foster innovation and support the growth of the digital economy in India.