The creator economy is one of the biggest in today’s date and time and this is no secret. Some platforms that can be credited for its success include Facebook, Instagram and YouTube among others. YouTube in particular has opened new avenues for content creators with its impressive revenue model, easy access etc. In the latest addition to its suite of tools, YouTube has introduced YouTube Create aiming to simplify the video editing process for creators. 

YouTube Create the new video editing tool is here

What are the countries YouTube Create is available in?

After officially announcing it last year, YouTube has launched YouTube Create in 13 additional countries, including- Australia, Brazil, Spain and more. The one-of-a-kind tool is available in India as well catering to the massive Indian creators group. 

What does YouTube Create do?

YouTube Create is designed to cater to both new and established creators, offering a user-friendly interface and a plethora of features to streamline the editing journey. Whether creators are producing short-form content or longer videos, the app aims to make the process simpler, easier, and more lightweight.

Everything you need to know about YouTube Create the video editing tool


What are the key features of YouTube Create?

Recording and Editing

Users can record footage directly from their smartphones and select clips for editing within the app. This integrated approach eliminates the need for external recording and editing tools.

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Royalty-Free Music Library

YouTube Create boasts a vast library of royalty-free music, enabling creators to add soundtracks to their videos without worrying about copyright claims. This feature empowers creators to monetise and share their content without worrying about hassles.

Music Editing

The app allows users to edit music to their videos effortlessly, ensuring the soundtrack seamlessly matches their content’s mood and tone.

Youtube announces YouTube Create the new video editing tool


Stickers, GIFs, Effects, and Filters

With thousands of stickers, GIFs, effects, and filters available, creators can personalize their videos and make them stand out. The app’s transitions, effects, and filters facilitate smooth scene transitions, while customisable settings add a unique touch to each video.

Audio Cleanup

YouTube Create features an “Audio Cleanup” tool that automatically removes background noise from videos, ensuring clear audio recordings for enhanced video quality.


Auto-captioning simplifies the process of transcribing and editing captions for videos. Creators can choose from various styling options to customise the appearance of the text, enhancing accessibility and engagement for viewers.

Integration with YouTube

YouTube Create integrates with YouTube, allowing users to create and publish Shorts and longer videos directly to their channels. This integration streamlines the publishing process, making it convenient for creators to share their content with their audience.

How to use YouTube Create?

  • Use your smartphone to record clips directly within the app.
  • Choose the perfect soundtrack from the app’s extensive royalty-free music library.
  • Customise the music to match the mood of your video.
  • Personalise your video with stickers, GIFs, effects, and filters.
  • Remove background noise with the Audio Cleanup tool, if needed.
  • Publish your edited video directly to YouTube from within the app.
YouTube Create the new video editing tool is in India

With YouTube Create, creators can unleash their creativity and storytelling abilities without the complexities of traditional video editing. Whether crafting Shorts or longer-form content, this app promises to be a game-changer for creators worldwide.