Was your New Year’s Resolution to eat healthy this year? How well or not well is that going? Isn’t it true that when you’re trying to eat healthy foods, suddenly all you can think about are those unhealthy snacks? The ones that are loaded with sugar or salt and are just pure deliciousness. You feel as if they’re calling your name, especially when you’re stressed or tired or just looking for a pick-me-up.

And it’s worse when you’re on a diet and your friend/partner is devouring a mouth-watering junk delicacy right in front of you. Sometimes, trying to resist those cravings and staying disciplined is harder than climbing a mountain. Picking on exactly those emotions, comedian Gaurav Kapoor created two viral reels that encapsulate giving into your unhealthy food cravings. And the Internet just cannot stop laughing!

Gaurav Kapoor comedy content creator viral reels unhealthy food cravings

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The First Reel

Following a healthy diet can be a significant challenge for foodies because it takes a lot of perseverance. Getting used to the taste of healthier dishes also takes time and effort. During this time, many people grapple with cravings and wonder if they should return to older habits. Gaurav Kapoor’s first reel titled “After Healthy Food” taps into this topic taking various situations went immediately viral with 20M+ views.

Milk & Cream Coffee

The video opens with the POV: “After Drinking Almond Milk Coffee For Two Days” and shows the comedian talking to someone off-camera, presumably a server at a restaurant. Gaurav then begins his extremely indulgent order for a coffee with full cream and full-fat milk. He clearly instructs the server not to add other alternatives, like almond milk.

He further asks him to add sugar to the coffee – not jaggery or maple syrup or any ba*****i sugar. Gaurav hilariously clarifies he wants “anti-Foodpharmer white processed sugar” while taking a cheeky dig at health edutainment creator Revant Himatsingka.

Veg Manchurian

The next POV was ‘After Eating Millet Noodles Once.’ Here, the comedian orders a veg manchurian with noodles that are specifically made of Maida. The server asks him if Ajinomoto can be added to the dish to which he agrees and asks for some on the side as well for ‘taste.’ Gaurav further requested for the Manchurian to be red in colour. Whether they use edible colours or watercolours, he wanted it to be red and spicy.

Rajma Chawal

The third POV was ‘After Eating Quinoa Beans Bowl Once’. Here, Gaurav calls for ‘white processed rice‘ and mentions that he doesn’t want brown or red rice. He wanted the rice with a layer of rajma on top wherein the rajma beans should be polished, not organic. “Nothing from the farm to me. Farm to pesticide to factory, and after tasty processing, then to me,” he stated firmly.


The final POV was ‘Green Tea After Effects’ where Gaurav Kapoor asks for the classic, desi chai. He sternly expresses how he wants a “brown colour chai” with milk and sugar. He ends the video with a rhyme, “Swad chai, aankhein khul jaye.”

Celebrities & Influencers React

This reel cracked us up so much we still haven’t recovered from rolling on the floor laughing! The video has created a stir online, sparking a flurry of reactions from netizens. The majority of people, including celebrities and brands, found it highly relatable and they took to the comment section to share their take. For the kind of lifestyle they lead – always in front of the camera and having to look their best at all times – they can fully relate to those unhealthy cravings that arise.

Choreographer-director Farah Khan wholeheartedly agreed as she commented, “I HEAR UUUUU.”This is the Joey energy I’m entering March with,” wrote Netflix India. Celebrity chef Anahita Dhondy stated, “I need to make you try millet noodles for this to changeeeeee.” Samantha Prabhu shared his reel on her story!

Gaurav Kapoor comedy content creator viral reels unhealthy food cravings comments creators brands

Comedians and influencers like Kusha Kapila, Srishti Garg, Rahul Subramanian, Harshita Gupta, and more also cracked up in Gaurav’s comments section. A netizen commented, “I guess I watched this reel more than 100 times and I am still laughing as if watched it for the first time.” Another said “This is clarity. Love it.”That emotion while asking for ‘chaaai, brown colour wali chaai’,” expressed a third. Someone wrote, “This video needs to break the internet” and it did.

Making It A Series?

After the virality of the first reel, Gaurav Kapoor then followed up with another video labelled “Food For From Your Heart”. Here he presented a few more POVs like:

After Eating Air Fry And Paani Me Tali Puri

After Eating ‘250 For 5’ Gol Gappe At Airport

After Drinking 2 Cocktails

Kareena Kapoor Khan came across Gaurav’s reel and had a good laugh. Bebo even shared his reel on her story and called him a “star“. This video also garnered attention and laughs from various netizens, content creators, and comedians. We absolutely love this format that Gaurav has created and look forward to more such hilarious videos!