Renowned stand-up comic Kunal Kamra recently released a powerful rap video titled ‘Rating Nahi Haq Chahiye,’ shedding light on the struggles faced by gig workers in India. The five-minute-long video aims at major corporations such as Zomato, Flipkart, Swiggy, Amazon, Ola, Uber, Urban Company, and others, emphasising the dire need for improved rights and security for these workers in the service industry.

Kunal Kamra speaks up for gig workers in Rap video


Drawing Parallels 

Kunal Kamra’s rap video follows a long tradition of using music as a tool for activism. Drawing parallels with rapper Sofia Ashraf’s viral video targeting FMCG giant Hindustan Unilever in 2015, Kamra’s work aims to spark dialogue and bring attention to the challenges faced by these workers who actually aid the popularity of these giants.

The Plight of Gig Workers

The lyrics of Rating Nahi Haq Chahiye vividly portrays the daily struggles of gig workers, highlighting issues such as the lack of benefits, including health insurance and pension plans. The video underscores the gamified nature of gig work, where workers hustle for ratings without adequate security or compensation.

Calling Out Corporations and Consumers

Kamra’s rap video does not shy away from criticising technology and service companies for their exploitation of gig workers. It accuses these corporations of underpaying workers while profiting from their labour and stealing code from American companies. 

Kunal Kamra talks of plight of gig workers in rap video Rating nahi haq Chahiye

Additionally, the video calls out consumers for their lack of empathy towards the challenges faced by delivery personnel, such as difficulties in accessing apartment complexes and navigating stairs. Instead of understanding their obstacles, consumers also very often end up harassing the delivery personnel.

Illustrating Real-Life Protests

The video is interspersed with news clippings highlighting real-life protests by gig workers against companies like Blinkit, Urban Company, Swiggy, and Amazon. These protests, which occurred in various parts of India, demonstrate the widespread dissatisfaction and demand for better working conditions among workers.

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Naming Corporations and Asserting Worker Agency

In its closing moments, the rap video explicitly names and shames the companies that exploit gig workers, including Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, Urban Company, Uber, Ola, Blinkit, and others. By doing so, the video does not save the big names from embarrassment and empowers gig workers to assert their agency in demanding fair treatment and rights in workplaces.

Rating Nahi Haq Chahiye by Kunal Kamra is a wake-up call to address the plight of gig workers in India. Through its hard-hitting lyrics and impactful visuals, the video amplifies the voices of these workers and calls for tangible action from corporations and policymakers to ensure their rights and well-being are prioritised.